Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby Bee Bags Anyone?

Baby Bee Bags offers two amazing diaper bags - the Fabien line and the Eglan line.

The Fabien line is a medium size backpack style bag for parents who are looking for a stylish diaper bag. It comes in six gorgeous waterproof fabrics and has tons of features to make life as a parent that much easier. Baby Bee's Fabien line features padded and adjustable backpack straps with a cell phone pocket conveniently located on backpack strap...meaning you can answer your phone without taking your bag off. The Fabien also has an additional attached strap that allows the bag to hang neatly on your stroller. The main zippered compartment has plenty of room for your daily essentials as well as your baby carrier or an extra blanket or coat. Inside you will also find two bottle or sippy holders made out of a stretchable material that allows it to fit a multitude of sizes. You will also find two pockets to organize diaper, wipes, or your other essentials. The Fabien line also features a second zippered compartment that easily unzips into a changing station. The changing pad is detachable (and washable...) and has a handy net pocket on it to hold diapers, wipes, and creams. You will also find two external bottle/sippy pockets on the sides of the bag and a large exterior zippered pouch for your mommy or daddy items. The Fabien measures H14" x W 13" x D5".

Baby Bee's Eglan bag is organized perfectly and features a stylish detachable pouch to grab for a quick run! The Eglan is available in a variety of modern colors and patterns, making it versatile between you and your husband, too.

The Eglan is built with versatility in mind; it can be worn as a backpack, over-the-shoulder and/or messenger style. It has adjustable backpack straps that detach easily from the bag and it can also hang from your stroller. The Eglan can also fit all of your daily needs with room for an extra toy, sweater, or what not. You can easily fit baby food and a change of clothes. Like the Fabien, the Eglan also features two stretchable side bottle/sippy cup holders on the interior of the bag and two interior organizing pockets for diapers and wipes as well. It also features the well thought out built in zippered compartment that unzips into a perfectly set up changing station that is detachable and washable and holds your diapering essentials at your fingertips. The Eglan line strap buckles are made from brushed, curved, high end metal that will not break, rust or poke you anywhere. Their buckles are designed to carry all the heavy lifting. The Eglan also has two bottle/sippy pockets on the exterior sides and a zippered compartment on the rear of the bag for added storage. It measures in at a comfy H13" x W 15" x D6".

All Baby Bee Bags close with magnetic tic tacks so they are quiet and velcro free. They are made of beautiful microfiber that is easy to wipe and keep clean with soap and water. You can also spray guard them to help maintain their beauty. Baby Bee Bags are fashionable diaper bags designed by a mom with a parents needs in mind.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Belly Bandit!

What is it you ask?
The Belly Bandit is a Post Pregnancy Belly Shrinker

How does the Belly Bandit™ work? It compresses the portion of the body it’s wrapped around, forcing the lower back to straighten and taking tension off this area. By constricting the abdomen, the Belly Bandit™ provides better support and more confidence for the new mom recovering from her obstetrical experience.

How quickly after birth can you use the Belly Bandit™? The Belly Bandit™ can be worn within 24 hours of delivery.

Can I use the Belly Bandit™ after a c-section? Absolutely. Wearing an abdominal compression wrap after a c-section may actually decrease the post-op recovery time by minimizing associated incision pain, which allows greater mobility post-surgery. Of course, consult with your physician before you do so.
Now talked about EVERYWHERE! It's the hottest item that helps new moms all over the world! Post pregnancy can be a tough time for many women. Your body is trying to adjust so why not give it a little boost in a better direction?
The Belly Bandit can be worn all day and night, just remove when showering and put it right back on again. It is made to be worn comfortably with no bunching or material rolling up your back or off your stomach. The Belly Bandit helps improve your posture after the pregnancy in addition to minimizing the belly.
Comes in cute prints too!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bebe Au Lait BIBS?!?!

How awesome is that?!!? The same company that makes the greatest nursing covers has now come out with bibs to match their burps!
Beautiful prints as usual and these bibs are so so cool!
They're double sided and you can get 4 messy uses out of them!
100% cotton on one side and terry cloth on the other!
These beautiful Bebe au Lait bibs are a wonderful addition to your Bebe au Lait collection! Click Here to see more!