Saturday, March 28, 2009

Add Some Belicious to Your Day

Ju-Ju-Be added some fabulous accessories to their spring line this year. The Belicious is so well thought out and incredibly functional. The Belicious is an environmentally friendly lunch bag that you can reuse again and again. It is available in the striking black and silver, making it an easy choice for the office, or the eye catching and cheerful Zany Zinnias.

Remember the incredibly functional part? The Belicious is machine washable with a roll up top that secures with a magnet. It features a small zippered pocket on the front for storing small items or utensils for your child. The entire bottom unzips to release crumbs or to serve as a storage area for the included gel pack. The interior is aluminized for added insulation and also keeps the Belicious fabric thin. The size is compact, yet not too small, measuring 7"x5"x11". Finish this amazing bag with a detachable strap that has a 12 inch drop and you have yourself a one of a kind lunch bag. Add some Belicious to your day right away!