Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Entry #21! Cathy's review of the Ju Ju Be Be Right Back Tiki Toffee!

I received this diaper bag as a Mother’s Day present (08) from my husband and son and have been using it constantly since. I have used and owned 5 other diaper bags.
I’ve owned this item for 2 years and 1 month. I used this for my son up until he was 2 years old and now for my daughter as well who is 9 months old.

I always pack 3 pairs of diapers each before my son w as potty trained and daughter, 3 sets of change of clothes each, a whole pack of wipes (Costco size), sunscreen, eucerin, Neosporin, my glasses, my Be mine (mostly attached to the metal loop on backpack straps), son’s sunglasses, thermos for water or milk and jarred food. Sounds like a lot? Yes but even with all these I have room to spare because our Nikon D80 goes on top of all the clothes.

BRB in Tiki Toffee main compartment with Nikon D80, 3 sets of clothing for a toddler and infant

I love that this diaper bag has a ton of pockets and they are spacious and they are very functional. There isn’t a wasted space. I use all of the pockets except the mesh pocket in the main compartment. The main compartment is where I put all of the children’s clothes and some food and the bottom compartment for their diapers, wipes and creams. We use this diaper bag practically anywhere park, travel, mall, and anywhere we have to take the kids because it holds so much. It is our go-to diaper bag.

Bottom compartment has 2 sets of diaper (I could put as many as 4 for each) for each child and other things diapering related items within convenient reach.

The backpack straps are very sturdy and comfortable. I wear this backpack practically all the time, although it could be hooked up to the stroller with the included “Be connected” stroller clips, it is attached more to my back than the stroller. Yes, it’s that comfortable. I need our belongings to be strapped to me while I run after a sprinting toddler. The grab handle is so, so convenient for quick transfers i.e. from car to house, from car to car, without having to slide it into your back.

My Be Mine attached to the backpack strap loop.

I like everything about this bag, it was very well thought through; from the gusseted pockets, the numerous and spacious compartments, the magnet closure, the metal feet, the included pouch and stroller clips, the comfortable straps just to list a few.

The weight of the empty bag is heavy but if it’s on my back I hardly notice it.
We have a Tike Tech City X3 Twin and a Baby Jogger City Select. It simply attaches to the handle bar of our Tike Tech using the Be Connected stroller clips but I have not tried it on the BJ City Select. Husband loves the backpack straps as well as the grab handle (he complains that the other diaper bags don’t have this) but is too heavy for grandparents to carry.

The material is Teflon coated so dirt does not readily stick. Definite plus. Cleaning the Be Right Back is a cinch, just wipe and your all done. The Be Right Back has withstood the weight and the constant slinging over one shoulder. If this was any other diaper bag, the straps would have been ripped off at the seems like one of the ones I owned. It has also withstood sun exposure being on my back all the time. I have not seen any sign of fading.

It was a present and did not know about it. My husband introduced me to Jujube diaper bags and I have been thankful and hooked.

one side insulated pocket for daughter's thermos, she hates cold milk

the other insulated side pocket for sippy cups or bottles

the mommy pocket with a blackberry and sunglasses, can't be seen but is in here are padded stroller straps, fluoride drops, wet clothes bag, energy bar for running after sprinting son, and set of keys.



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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Entry #20! Feeonah's Review on the Be Rich from Ju Ju Be's Legacy Collection!

I have so many great things to say about this wallet I don’t know where to begin. Let’s start with the material. Earth Leather is gorgeous! Soft to the touch, sophisticated look and does not smell like plastic. And it isn’t! Earth Leather is an amazing Ju-Ju-Be invention that is not only friendly to the environment but also machine washable! Perfect for getting grubby paw prints off the surface (I had to struggle for it with my 4 year old when it arrived, he clearly has good taste.)

Now, let’s get down to the details. First, the Ju-Ju-Be embroidery on the front is so classy and cute I just want to touch it. I am sure I will carry the BeRich in my hand as often as I can to show it off, and the contrasting stitches and matching embroidery add that special something.

Also, the outside zippered pocket on the back reveals a four millimeter strip of Dizzy Daisies lining. Brilliant! It’s a little appetizer of what’s inside. The zipper runs smoothly on the top and down one side, and the pull tab is of the smaller Ju-Ju-Be kind with three cute little stars. The zippered pocked is gusseted with Dizzy Daisies lining and a divider to keep your coins separated from the cash.

The BeRich is a three-fold wallet and when you open the snap lock you are faced with no less than eighteen (18!) card slots, all lined with Dizzy Daisies! Underneath the six slots on the left is a full-length gusseted pocket with plenty of room for coupons, receipts or more cards... The middle section has six slots, one with a clear front for your id card and a hole through the plastic so you can easily slide it out, and the right section has another six slots. Underneath the middle and right sections are two more full-length pockets for even more stuff!

Fully packed the BeRich looks just as good in your hand as lying or standing (look at me!) on a table. It fits perfectly into the front pocket of the MiniBe. I have one in Purple Paisley, that’s why I got the Black Earth Leather, otherwise I’m leaning more towards the Brown. It also fits into the bottom pocket of the PackaBe, in the top pocket with room to spare, slides easily into the front pockets of the BeLight and of course fits into the mommy pocket of both the BeTween and the BePrepared.

Fits perfectly into the MiniBe and the BeLight:

Top and bottom pockets of the PackaBe:

And into the BeTween and the BePrepared:

There are only two minor things that I don’t love about the BeRich. One is the hole in the clear pocket. I would rather keep a photo of my family here than my id card and the edge of the hole interferes with the picture. Also I was struggling a bit to fit the cards into the slots to the sides of the snap lock. They do fit though, but won’t slide in and out as easily as into the other slots.

I love the look and feel of the BeRich in Black Earth Leather. It is my first BeRich and I am impressed that it holds all my cards, including six library cards. Normally, I carry a lot of cards separately, in style in a Zany Zinnias BusinessBe, but this way I do not risk finding myself in a store without my Ikea card or membership cards when I need them.

The zippered pocket allows quick access to both cash and vouchers, I keep them side by side so I don’t forget to hand them over when I pay. The stylish look together with the fun lining is a perfect combination for us ladies who like to look smart but not old! While writing this I am watching the wedding between Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel on television. My first thought was that had I attended the wedding I could have worn the BeRich as a clutch. So for a royal, fun look. Get the BeRich in Black Earth Leather! (And then get all the other colors too. I certainly want to...)


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The New Ju Ju Be's Are UP!

And don't forget about our Pre-Order special!

changing pads

The BeAll




Visit our site www.littledudesanddivas.com
Email us at info@littledudesanddivas.com
Call us at 888.310.2247
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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Wet Bags Info! And yeah... Ms. Maya from Little Dudes and Divas Has One Too!!!

Wet Happened? TM wet bag

Baggies Be Gone! Made for fashionable moms, the Wet Happened? TM wet bags are perfect for all those times you need to separate your wet items.

Perfect for:

* Soiled Clothing or Bibs
* Wet Bathing Suits
* Dirty Diapers
* Potty Training
* Gym Clothes
* and much more!

Washable, Re-usable, Environmentally Friendly

The details:

Made with a whimsical and thick cotton outer print, then lined with a Polyurethane Laminate. Constructed with the two layers sewn separately, the zippered top secures contents to keep smells where they belong. Double sewn to help prevent wicking.
Care: wash in cold water and either lay flat to dry or on low heat.

Zippered wet bag totes available in 2 sizes:

* 11 x 14, Medium
* 14 x 17, Large

Q: I have seen other wet bags, what makes this one different?

A: Two things. First, the outer print is made from a mid-weight cotton designer print, meaning it is going to be softer and more durable than other lighter weight cottons. Second, the PUL interior (the waterproof inner material) is different from many other PUL fabrics on the market. This is the only PUL I have found that is thick and soft. Many other PUL fabrics are thin and crinkly like a raincoat. If you are looking for the best quality, look no further than the Wet Happened? wet bag.


So I purchased one WAY BACK WHEN.... and I LOVE IT! I take it on all my trips for my dirty underthings which is great to keep it separate from the clean clothing.
I used to use it for the gym.... back when I actually went to the gym ;) It was fantastic! I used to go to Bally's and they have a chlorine filled pool so not only did the Wet Bag keep the rest of my bag completely dry but it kept the chlorine smell in the bag.
I love the convenience of being able to fold into barely anything and fit it into any pocket! So when it's not in use, it doesn't take up room!
The zipper is super smooth, no tugging or fighting with it. The prints are so so cute too! I got the Daisy Dreams! 
I've also used it in my everyday bag to take an extra pair of shoes. Washes so easily so even the dirt from the bottom of the shoe didn't bug me, I knew it would come out no problem!
Love it and I'm a HUGE fan!

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Little Dudes and Divas
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Entry # 19! Thanks Amanda for reviewing the Ju Ju Be Changing Pad!

This is a review for the Ju Ju Be Changing Pad

This is a great changing pad for newborns/small babies. It's also small enough to tuck into most bag, this one goes in the back of the between nicely. It's got memory foam padding so your little one is comfy during diaper changes.

As for using it for big kids it's a bit too small, I personally wouldn't use it for my toddler.

It's also super comfy for adults to use as a seat cushion during outings like if you sit on a bench or an uncomfortable chair. It give just enough cushion too keep you comfy Smile

When it gets dirty just throw it in the washer and lay it flat to dry. These wash super great!

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Little Dudes and Divas