About Us

Little Dudes and Divas


Little Dudes and Divas is run by myself and my husband, together we make a
great team, bringing 10 years of retail experience, much online shopping experience, 

and fashion forward taste to our new project.

The idea for Little Dudes and Divas evolved over the course of a few years. It 

stemmed from my LOVE (I kid you not, that is the word most appropriate to 
describe the feeling) of  shopping for my very own little dudes and diva.

We started out with introducing the sweet and sassy lines of children's clothing that 

were just so hard to find. We began receiving so many customer requests for diaper 
bags from some of the brands of clothing we carried and slowly fell out of clothing 
and into diaper bags!
I realized quickly how hard it is to find just the right diaper bag. One was too heavy,

the other had minimal organization and the flaws were endless.
We finally decided we need to try our best to help out other parents in the same 


The designer name diaper bags we carry have been carefully chosen as part of the 

Little Dudes & Divas store. We review the bags according to quality, popularity 
and personal experience.
When you walk out of the house with a diaper bag you need to feel prepared for 

whatever comes your way... but in addition, you have to feel confident when doing 
so and what better way than with the perfect, most fashionable diaper bag!?
My husband also began realizing that a diaper bag was not just for mom.

Since we've become a source for diaper bags we have also added accessories to

help you organize not only your new diaper bag but the car, stroller, home and 
anywhere else you can think of!
We wanted to make sure to provide today's parents with fantastic items that can

also be used well after the kid's are grown! Accessories that ANYONE can use!
I found many wonderful websites with a good amount of the fashionable bags and 

accessories I craved, but often times the service felt very impersonal. Emails asking
for item information or accessorizing(is that even a word?) advice weren't always 
answered in a timely manner if at all. I am not a person that likes over the phone 
customer service (although if you do we will happily accomodate you) and we 
promise to be faithful to our inbox and answer your emails promptly.

I decided that I would create a shopping experience that combines fashion forward

necessities and personal customer service. And that is how Little Dudes & 
Divas came to be!
I want you to feel free to email us regarding the standard cutomer service questions,

item information, requests, and even for advice on how to accessorize your diaper 
bag. My wish is for you to feel like you are out with one of your shopping mama 
friends, we are always here to answer your questions or offer advice. Just e-mail 
us at

Or if you prefer a live voice call us toll free at (888) 310 - 2247.

Thanks for your patronage and we truly hope you enjoy shopping with us as much 

as we have enjoyed buying for you.