Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ju Ju Be's Next Reveal! Here's their post! THANK YOU JU JU BE!!!!!!!!

Darling, you look “mahvelous”

posted by:Ju Ju Be!

From the first seedlings of spring, to the sage stems of summer, the deep dynasty of the chrysanthemum continues. With magnified majesty the regal hues of dusty blue and gracious green lord over a fertile field of cream with a hint of green.
Each pleasant petal is separated into an array of fragrant fiefdoms.
Energy embodied, the expansive empire of flower bursts beyond the borders of each bag, flowing with a fervent formality over every edge.
Inside, the earthy interior of ripe avocado provides ample ability to see details and contents alike.
Emperors and empresses alike will look “mahvelous.”
Introducing the second stunning new print of the season: Marvelous Mums.
On the B.F.F. bag
marviemums 003
The BeTween
Marvelous Mums looks so sweet with Joovy strollers!
Featuring a gorgeous new lining for Ju-Ju-Be — sage!
marviemums 001
The BeQuick
Thanks to Joovy for allowing their Kooper stroller to model for us!
Kristin and her MightyBe
Kristin snoozing. ZZzzzzz....
marviemums 002
Doesn't it look mahhhhhvelous with our brown/robin combo?
Marvelous moms will be able to sport Marvelous Mums on the BePrepared, B.F.F., BeAll, MightyBe, BeTween and BeQuick!
All of the items from our summer reveals will be available for pre-order June 21st, slated to started shipping the first week of July!

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