Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Giraffe Print Never Looked Better!

I finally had the honor of using the Oi Oi Giraffe Hobo Sack!, Firstly, the Giraffe print is super unique and works so well with the Canvas material Oi Oi uses for their bags. The side pockets have insulation... YAY, and the bottom has protective feet to keep this baby safe from tough surfaces. Has the same great features as all the Oi Oi's but is much deeper and longer in the Sack style. There is no way anything is falling out of this bag! It's super roomy and fits a lot. The strap doesn't look very comfortable but it actually is! I was surprised because I though I would have to keep budging it around to keep from imprinting my shoulder but it was super comfortable all the time!
Oh! And a feature I LOVED is that I was able to use one side pocket for baby's bottle and the other for my coffee cup!
I was also able to clip it on to my stroller with the Ju Ju Be Stroller Clips! Last thing I wanted to worry about was how will I clip the bag to the stroller. Definitely an excellent bag! I enjoy carrying my baby's stuff now :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fleurville has come out with new prints and new items... something new comes in, the old comes out! So all the Suzy Packs are on a super sale! Once they're gone... they're GONE!
The Suzy Pack, is a backpack Adjustable padded back pack straps
It comes with the fleurville changing pad, their signature wipes case, insulated bottle holder and more. The 2 side pockets are deep and great for bottles. There's a front pocket, great to hold your cell phone and keys in. 1 spacious zipper pocket right under the flap and an elastic topped pocket inside the main compartment. The Suzy Pack is super cute and not huge. It's sturdy so your things won't come out mushy!

Moving on to the new goodies, !!!

The Lexie Tote has been a hot item since the moment it was up for pre-order! Now in the new prints, it's even more popular. The Botanical Coral is a beautiful pink with a delicate floral print. Also comes in the Tangerine Ogo and Geo Bot which are new prints as well! Comfortable straps, super cute and chic style and the leather trim is beautiful! The hardware is perfect on the Lexie and the bag itself is so functional and in tune with mom's needs!

Those of us that have had to shovel snow for the past few months are longing for those hot summer days of fun in the sun, flip flops and of course BEACH BAGS! The new Fleurville Beach Bags make summer so much more fun! The Pink Ogo with white trim is absolutely adorable! Perfect for the beach and super stylish! The new beach bags also come in the Geo Bot print with green trim. You can fit all your beach bag needs into the Fleurville Beach Bag... well everything besides the umbrella and beach chairs that is! The opening up top is wide for easy access and the bag is made of the same great wipeable material!

Now many of you have probably owned a Fleurville Sling Tote before so you know how wonderful this bag is. Now Fleurville has come out with the most beautiful print! SPRIG!
It has a beautiful springy green and golden yellowish color with swirls of gold print. This is by far my favorite print yet! The handles are super comfortable (I tried out my friend's Sling) and
I loved the way it sat at my side as a messenger bag. Easy top access and the outside openings are convenient for on hand items!

The Fleurville Mothership is the largest bag by Fleurville. Super roomy, functional and in some new prints too! The Tangerine Ogo looks stunning on this bag! I tried this out and loved the way it hung on my shoulder. I thought the sturdiness of the material and the shape would bother me but it felt perfect! The side pockets were great, I used one for an umbrella... we had a few rainy and possible rain weeks, and the other held baby's bottle. I was able to fit everything for the day and used my Kalencom stroller straps to hang it from the stroller. I doubled up on the strap so it wouldn't hang too low and was still able to comfortably get into the bag!

If you love the Mothership but need something slightly smaller and lighter, the ReRun Messenger is awesome!

It's lighter and so comfy! Same great features as the Mothership but in a more compact package. The material is not laminated like most of Fleurville's bags so if you're dealing with a mess just grab a wipe and spot clean! Easy as that! Still roomy to fit the necessities but won't overwhelm the light packer! And the Spring Ogo print is perfect for the warm days ahead!

These babies have always been a popular Fleurville item! The FOB Wrist Bag! This Geo Bot wrist bag gives you a small taste of what the print looks like on the bags, it's beautiful!
The FOB is great to hold your wallet items, a lip gloss, and more. I have one for passports and IDs for when we travel, one to hold my digital camera and I took a third on my cruise! I carried it with me the whole time, even at the captain's ball! It was super convenient. I had my key card, lip gloss, money, gum, cell, and more! I love them!
AND!!! Now Fleurville is adding a matching FOB with most of their bags instead of the Bottle Holder.

Fleurville is always trying to make your busy mommy days a little easier! Fleurville has come up with a great idea, The Mod Pod. It's a changing kit that folds up into a compact package! You can fit the dipes and wipes and baby has a comfortable changing spot! These haven't come out yet but should be in soon!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The New Baby Kaed Diaper Bags!

I haven't seen these yet but they're due to arrive in the beginning of May 2008!

Baby Kaed's diaper bags are beautiful and now they came out with 2 new styles! The Dhara is their new convertible backpack so you can wear it either as a backpack or a shoulder bag. Convertibles are great because it can change according to your needs. One of the things Baby Kaed mentions about the Dhara is that the flap on the front is just for the front pocket. The main compartment opens with a zipper at the top so that you don't have to fumble with a flap when reaching into the bag. The pockets inside the Dhara were designed to fit diapers, wipes, bottles and all the necessities. The front pocket with the flap also has a zippered pocket inside to store more items. The material is water resistant and so is the lining!

The Shanti diaper bag was meant to look super stylish so that no one will even guess it's a diaper bag! It's made of soft faux leather and looks stunning! The handles are long enough for your comfort and can be adjusted. 2 front elastic topped pockets with fun tassels, 2 side zippered pockets for small essentials, one back pocket with a special cell phone pocket and, 5 interior pockets!
And as always, all the Baby Kaed diaper bags come with essential accessories to make it just a little easier!

The CMK (Changing Mat Kit) by Baby Kaed is awesome! Baby's still in dipes and he now chooses to make changing sessions a little harder. I just got back from BJ's and while I was there, I had it in the car (I'm not a big fan of changing in public restrooms unless it's too cold to do it from the back of the car). I asked one of the employees to keep an eye on my cart, pulled him out and had a great time wiping his tushy! The mat opened up large enough for him not to be restricted. On one side there are 3 pockets facing inwards so my changing things didn't fall right out. That also kept him somewhat in place too. The other flap is kind of a continuation of the mat which is great because it gives him even more wiggle room and I don't have to worry that his tushy is touching anything but the mat. I didn't need something to hold the dipes or the ointments because they fit very well in the side pockets but I didn't use the wipes case it comes with. I actually filled the wipes case and left it in my car for emergency moments and instead used my green Sugar Booger wipes pouch for a minimal amount of wipes. (I love it! I have one in the CMK now and one in my purse, they're thin and convenient)
Anyway, once I was done, I easily folded it up, gave it a quick bow with the string, I was done and he was happy!

The Leathers Rock!

OK, so the first time I saw this baby I drooled. The Caryn Fudge is STUNNING! The leather is absolutely to die for and it's simply beautiful! You can't expect less from Mia Bossi. So far each bag has wowed, oohed and ahhhhed moms everywhere! The Caryn style is very "in" in it's chic style and beauty. The leather only makes it more irresistible. Mia Bossi diaper bags just keep getting better and better.

So the Caryn is roomy, the straps are comfortable and the pockets are so convenient. The two front pockets are great for your personal items. You can fit a small wallet in there with your phone, keys, cell and more. There's a back zippered pocket and 2 side pockets for bottles or sippies. Then on the inside there's a SPECIAL slot for your phone... just in case you don't want it in the outside pocket. There's a key ring as well which you can use to hold a paci... it's great if you tend to lose the paci with all those Ju Ju Be Be Quicks in there! Then... you have 4 open top leather trimmed pockets and a roomy zippered pocket too!
The hardware on the Fudge is gold chrome which works so well with the brown leather. The leather itself is more on the shiny side, easier to wipe clean and feels so nice!

Now this may sound silly but this changing pad is so soft! It's made of faux fur on one side and nylon on the other. And it's machine washable too! The faux fur feels so nice. The mat itself is thin but the fur's comfort makes up for it and it's a great space saver! It rolls up to 9" length and 2" width. When open, it's perfectly roomy for baby's tush measuring 17.5" x 28.5".

Now considering Mia Bossi is all about mom's comfort, they have come out with 2 new and wonderful accessories that work perfectly with the Mia Bossi diaper bags.
The Bottle holders hold standard size bottles. You can use them in the side pockets of the Caryn but they fit better in the inside pockets. They're insulated which is so convenient instead of having to lug around an actual bottle tote to keep the bottle cool or warm. Made with black nylon so no worries if there's a mess to clean!
OH! And the Mia Bossi diaper bags have removable inner linings that you can wash too!
And finally, Mia Bossi just came out with their new stroller clips!
They're called the Ultra Luxe Stroller Clips. Made with snap-hook hardware, leather on one side and slip resistant rubber on the other so your bag stays secure on the stroller. Comes with a satin drawstring bag to store your clips in your diaper bag when not in use. Mia Bossi thought of EVERYTHING!

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