Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Angelina Jolie's Baby Pick!

Thank you Itzy Ritzy for sharing not only your gorgeous collection but for sharing just how popular the Itzy Ritzy collection is! Thumbs up for all the celebs we've been seeing with AMAZING taste!

Itzy Ritzy on the Red Carpet

Itzy Ritzy's Baby Ritzy Rider™ Infant Car Seat Cover is spotted with Angelina Jolie at this week's Hollywood premiere of 'Tree of Life'!

Itzy Ritzy_Infant Car Seat Cover_Angelina Jolie_Tree Of Life Premiere3

Baby Ritzy Rider™ Infant Car Seat Covers

* Your baby is a show-stopper, your car seat should be too. Celebrity attention and stylish comfort for your baby and convenience for you!
* Quick clean-up
* Luxurious
* Washable
* Reversible
* Universal Fit
* Designer
* 100% cotton reverses to luxurious minky creating 4 looks!
* Includes matching canopy hood, 2 matching neck straps, pacifier pocket & reusable carrying case.

Itzy Ritzy_Infant Car Seat Cover_Angelina Jolie_Tree Of Life Premiere3

Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas

Thursday, May 26, 2011


This is the final main contest to enter to win the FREE DADGEAR DIAPER BAG of your choice just in time for Father's Day!

All entries till now count towards the final count however, now is your chance to get some easy entries in till next week!

Here's how to enter:
Email me pictures of you or anyone else using anything we currently carry. (bags, accessories etc...)

No entry limit however, each image must include at least ONE person and ONE item that is current on our website. (face must be visible)
Repeat items will not be counted (for instance, 5 images of the same bag with 5 different people will not count as 5 entries. Each image must have a different product)

Email pictures to maya@littledudesanddivas.com with the subject line

By emailing the images you agree to have them uploaded to our facebook page

(the first 50 pictures enter to win a free Liz Lang Tote)

*Each picture counts as one entry
*DADDY pictures count for 5 entries
*Get ANOTHER entry for uploading the same or any other images to our FB wall. They can be for items that are current or items that are no longer available (so long as we carried it at some point) Each picture posted on our wall is for another entry.... daddy pictures earn 5 entries AND!!!!!!!!! Each LIKE on the pictures you post on our wall is ANOTHER entry! So share with your friends and let them know to LIKE your pictures on our wall! WOOHOO!
***Get 5 MORE entries for sharing the link to this blog contest on blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook etc... To get "sharing" entries you must comment on this blog post with the link to your post so that it can be verified.
Here's the link:

Please note- if you decide to share on Facebook, I will only be able to verify if we're friends so you can add me if you'd like :) Maya Karasanti

Each day I will be choosing another random winner for a bunch of other free gifts! The more you enter, the more chances to win!

Contest ends June 6th! All gifts ship free in the U.S.
International winners are only required to pay actual shipping charges.

Have fun all and to all the daddies, HAPPY EARLY FATHER'S DAY!

Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas

Monday, May 23, 2011

Itzy Ritzy's Movie Debut

So you know how you watch a movie, see something you like.... then love.... then can't figure out where to find it? Well here's the info you might be looking for if you've seen the Hangover Part II Trailer!

Itzy Ritzy Is Taking Over Hollywood!

Have you seen the trailer for the new movie "The Hangover Part II"? You may recognize Itzy Ritzy's Baby Ritzy Rider™ Infant Car Seat Cover!

The Hangover 2_Itzy Ritzy®_Baby Ritzy Rider

"The Hangover Part II", Warner Bros. Pictures

The Hangover 2_Itzy Ritzy®_Baby Ritzy Rider2

"The Hangover Part II", Warner Bros. Pictures

Yes that's the Baby Ritzy Rider™ in Whale Watching Pink

featured in the movie!

How awesome is that?! Kudos Itzy Ritzy for your exceptional skills as a Holywood actor! WOOHOO!

Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Birthday Surprise!

I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Al, Steve and Katy for surprising me at work for my birthday! Birthdays are so awesome! Balloons, flowers, cake and they even got some champagne! But don't worry, we only had a few sips ;)

He's the greatest boss and an amazing brother!

Glad to have such awesome co workers and friends!

I have to have to have to make everyone jealous.... this cake was sooooooooooooo yummy!

A huge thanks to the LDD crew for making this birthday a special one!

Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What's hubby getting for Father's Day?

Get ready for some Father's Day contest fun!
This year we will be having a contest for a FREE DADGEAR DIAPER BAG! Woohoo!
The owners of Little Dudes and Divas have Dadgear bags themselves and will agree the Dadgear bags are one of a kind! Steve even uses his backpack as his everyday bag! Great organization, lots of room, super practical and functional!
Get hubby to LIKE our Facebook page so he can participate with you in the contests we have coming up! Hubby participation will be worth more entries and you all have a chance to win lots of mini gifts too!

Need some Father's day gift ideas? Check out some of our top picks!

The Dadgear Messenger Bag! What a great bag for dad! And super versatile too! He can use it as a diaper bag on baby days, use it for his laptop on work days and it makes a great travel bag too!

Wanna make it extra special? Have the kids make him a large coupon book with a bunch of Daddy discounts and specials! Include breakfast in bed, a free kiss from each of the kids and more! Throw it into the Dadgear bag and you're all set!

How about a way to TELL him you're pregnant? Get some neutral baby booties by Baby Bella Maya or Jazzy Toes baby socks with a card that reads "If they're too small for you, no worries... they'll certainly fit the baby"

Is he a protein shake man? Get him a tub of his favorite mix and add an InnoBaby Stack and Seal! He can use it to divide the powder and take it with him anywhere he goes!

Does he take lunch to work with him? How about a Balanced Day Lunch Kit ice pack? Have the kids write some sentiments in permanent marker and throw it in his lunch bag for a wonderful lunchtime surprise!

Balanced Day Lunch Kit Blue Circle Ice Pack

Does hubby go to the gym all the time? The DadGear backpack will be PREFECT for him! Go to your local discount store and grab a ball from his favorite sport! Basketball, soccer ball, football etc... Have the kids put their hand prints on it, spray some sealer and throw it into the bag! What a wonderful sentimental gift AND he can use it as a diaper bag, work bag and travel bag too!

Is daddy a dude with edge? The Diaper Dude diaper bags are a perfect fit! With urban style and the "edge" he'll love! Make it extra special by wrapping a frame with a family picture collage and throw it in!

Are you taking him on a weekend getaway for Father's Day?
Then a travel set of Ju Ju Be's will be absolutely AMAZING! Get him the Be Hip in the slate so he has a great bag for the whole trip. Then take the plane tickets, put them in a Be Quick... put the Be Quick into a Fuel Cell and the Fuell Cell into the bag! Finish it off with a Be Tagged hanging from the bag with a special love note! And of course... have a GREAT trip! :)

Ju Ju Be Be Hip Slate Diaper Bag

Want some more ideas? Just wait for the Facebook contests we will be having VERY soon!

Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas