Thursday, May 29, 2008

BabyLegs!!! The Original. Like You.

Warmers for all!

Pinks, blues, and greens are all the rage in BabyLegs new collection; these classic baby colors are combined to bring a little sweetness to current collections. The combination of pastels and bright fun colors makes this collection great for boys and girls, young and old. The delectable styles Popsicile (pictured above), PopHeart (pictured left), Sweet Pea, Blue Bell, Sweet Heart, Tickled Pink and more are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Each pair of BabyLegs is crafted with the signature golden over-lock stitch to assure quality for each product. BabyLegs leg and arm warmers retail between $12 for the original and $28 for the Organic Merino Wool designs. BabyLegs are available at boutique retailers throughout the U.S., select Nordstrom locations, and in more than 50 countries around the world. For a detailed list of stores and full line of BabyLegs products visit

About BabyLegs, LLC

BabyLegs is a Seattle-based line of hip, high-fashion leg and arm warmers, combining function with style suitable for all ages. Since April 2005, BabyLegs has developed a loyal following among ‘momsters’, celebrities and fashionistas of all ages who put their own personality into layering each colorful BabyLegs design. Nicole Donnelly, a former professional snowboarder and current ‘mompreneur,’ created the BabyLegs concept from a pair of cut socks she used to protect her daughter Sara’s knees. As word of mouth spread among Seattle’s young mothers, Nicole’s vision grew from selling BabyLegs out of her diaper bag to a global, multi million dollar business venture.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why Mom's are in love with the
Cry Babyz Paci Pockets:

  • Washable: How wonderful to be able to wash and line dry
    our Paci Pockets.
  • Reversible: What? A two-in-one! Yes that's right. Simply
    turn paci pocket inside out for a completely different look.
    Each pocket is crea
    ted with 2 coordinating fabrics.
  • Life-Saver: If you have ever lost the cherished "binky" you may have wished you had a unique pacifier holder that kept your baby's pacifier
    close by for baby's comfort. Simply attach the velcro fabric strap
    around diaper bag handle, stroller handle or virtually anywhere.
  • Stylish: Not only can you keep that binky close, but you can
    keep it close in style! Each Cry Babyz Paci
    Pockets are created with
    top of the line, hip, fun fabrics.
  • Germ Free: Slip binky into pocket to keep it enclosed, clean and free from dirt. It prevents paci from
    going to bottom of diaper bag with lurking germs.
  • Huge Selection: With 16 different choices of Cry Babyz Paci Pockets to choose from you are certain to find your style. We carry paisley, camo, toile, & sock monkey just to name a few.
It will change your life in the Paci world! Your baby will thank you.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer's Cutest Baby Shoes!

Can these be any cuter!?!? Jack & Lily and Rileyroo's have the cutest baby shoes all year round but their new summer collections are to die for!

Both designer names are known for their comfort and excellent quality materials including suede and leather. The materials they use in these high quality baby shoes are breatheable and comfortable for your little ones to set of on their first adventures.

Both the Rileyroo's and Jack & Lily shoes have velcro closures for easy on and off. Helps tots make a fast getaway when you attempt to wipe their nose.

Each style is unique and equally adorable! Both designers use fun prints and colors to match all kinds of wardrobes. Also they have rubber soles for an easy grip non slip experience because baby's first steps need to promote confidence and security.

Whether you're taking a stroll in the park or your little dude is escorting you to a fancy dinner, he will look ravishing in a pair of of Jack & Lily's Navy Sandals. These Jack & Lily's will match any outfit and are great for any summery day!

Jack & Lily's Mint Daisy Patch is a wonderful combination of Mint with pink daisies and and white thread leaves embroidered into the shoes. Your little diva will love twirling in her beautiful summer dress with the help of her super comfortable shoes.

The Rileyroos Dakota Sunset has double velcro closure for a secure tight fit. The colors are great for the summer and they are perfect for the park, beach and play dates. The Rileyroos are form fitting and flexible, great for longer strolls.

The Rileyroos Dakota Ocean is a great addition to your baby dude's wardrobe. Just slip 'em on, secure the easy velcro straps and off he goes!

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Ramalama Drew is a Must Have!

Ahhh....fine Italian leather arrived at my door today in the shape of a Ramalama Drew Diaper Bag. (I would argue that. It is a bag. Plain and simple and oh so gorgeous.) I had been hemming and hawing between the Drew and the Hannah for a few weeks and whether to get Caramel or Chocolate. I decided on a Chocolate Drew and am so happy I did. When you read the details of this bag at any etailer, they claim it is made of "melt in your mouth leather". I have heard it referred to as "yummy" by many. After opening it and drooling over it, I cannot find a better way to describe it. It just folds in your palm it is so soft. And the Chocolate color is perfect. It is clearly brown but adds that rugged touch I was going for.

I could not be happier with the Drew; it exceeds my expectations on all levels. I was nervous that it would not stand on its own, but alas it does. I knew it was "melt in your mouth leather" so figured it would tip. However, it stands comfortably and there is no need to lean it against anything. I was also praying for a superior leather quality that was rugged and natural looking versus the too clean look (hope that makes sense...), which can be hard to gauge online. I wanted to use this bag as a daily bag and have it be schnazzy and cool enough that I could pull it off with jean capris or more casual looks - mission accomplished!

What else was I nervous about? I am a Type A organizational nut so the thought of veering from my Ju-Ju-Be's was a bit unnerving! Though the Drew features 6 open pockets and one zippered pocket on the interior, I was skeptical they would provide enough organization for my needs. The Ramalama Drew has proven me wrong! The pockets are all extremely deep making them highly functional. Since I know most woman like to know the details and are probably thinking, "Yeah, but can I fit _____ in them?", let me indulge you.

  • Pocket#1: Easily fits all sippies I tried.

  • Pocket #2: Coach mini-wallet, iPhone, and shopping list all in one with room to spare!

  • Pocket #3: Currently empty

  • Pocket #4: Hand lotion and snack bar

  • Pocket #5: Wipes case, travel pack of anti-bacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer

  • Pocket #6: Travel pack of Kleenexes and brush for my daughter

  • Zippered pocket: Keys for the house...that's it for now. The zipper slides like buttah! :)

  • Main compartment: Lush Paisley Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick with 2 diapers, wipes case, & portable changing pad, as well as a Ju-Ju-Be Be Mine with my regular transfer items that go from bag to bag...
One more thing (on the growing list) to love is that it comes with accessories! Love it! It comes with a zippered pouch for that you can store your goodies in, an insulated bottle/sippy holder (that is large enough to fit my Sigg bottle), and a nicely cushioned machine washable changing pad. If I would have read more clearly, I would have known these would be included, but I must have been drooling over the soft Italian leather a bit too much. I also love the fact that it has a yummy soft Ramalama star tag on the outside. Necessary? No. Fun? Yep.

I don't need to dig very deep to find a reason for yet another bag, but I was hoping that the Drew would be a lighter bag purely by design. My other daily bag is my Lush Paisley Ju-Ju-Be Be Tween, so I figured I would weigh them both fully packed to see if my desire was met. I am not an over or under packer...maybe just normal (at least when it comes to packing). My Be Tween weighed in at 6 pounds and 3 ounces and my Ramalama Drew weighed in at 4 pounds and 15 ounces, which saves me about 1.5 pounds. Is that a lot? For me, it is great. 1.5 less pounds means less stress on me. Does the weight difference steer me away from my Be Tween...not a chance!

Additionally, the straps are simply perfect on the Drew. They are adjustable at 5 levels via the buckle (very nice hardware by the way) and the drop length makes them so comfortable. I have it at the 3rd hole right now, which is how it came, and measures a drop of about 15 inches. It hangs at that nice tuck point where you can keep control of it while still chasing and carrying your little ones.

All in all, I just love my Ramalama Drew (the name is just fun to say, too) and am tickled pink (Did you read that, Mom?) with my purchase! If you are in the market for a bag that does not scream, "I am a Mom", and can easily be used as your children get older, the Ramalama Drew may be just what you are looking for.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Closer Look at Ju-Ju-Be's Be Mine & Be Quick

Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags deliver boutique fashion with the ease and function hip mom's desire. Whether it is waterproof Teflon fabrics, insulated bottle pockets, amazing prints, soft touch memory foam changing pads, or organization beyond your expectations, Ju-Ju-Be has thought of it all and more. They have a wide range of diaper bags and accessories to meet your every need.

Two must have Ju-Ju-Be's are the Be Mine and the Be Quick! Just what is the Be Mine? A wristlet? A wallet? Or is it a mini-bag to transfer from bag to bag? The good news is it is all of those! It functions perfectly as a wallet, allowing room to store your money, keys, credit cards, lip stick, receipts and more. If you prefer to keep your wallet as is, the Be Mine acts as a great "transfer bag". It can fit all of the extra cards you don't use all of the time, your cell phone or PDA, gum, receipts, and a few make-up items. When you store them in your Be Mine, you can quickly grab that and your wallet, toss them in "today's bag", and go. No need to worry about forgetting an essential!

The Be Mine features a lip gloss loop, an extendible pen, a mini mirror for quick peeks, an ID pocket, zippered interior pocket, slot for credit cards, and a pocket with enough flex to hold your random odds and ends. It comes with a wrist strap and an extended strap in case you want to carry it on your shoulder. The possibilities are endless!

If you are looking for more of an open concept pouch that can store anything and everything, then look no further than Ju-Ju-Be's Be Quick. It measures 10.5" x 6.5" x 1/5", features a satin waterproof antimicrobial lining, a smaller interior pocket, and a snap on wrist strap that can also attach to your existing bag.

Just how can you use the Be Quick? One of my favorite ways is to carry 1-2 diapers, a small container of wipes, and compact changing pad in one. I transfer this Be Quick from bag to bag and love knowing I am always prepared. It works great as a make-up bag for your purse or home, stores wires and cords for all of your gadgets, and fits those small toys perfectly so they don't get scattered throughout your bag. I also carry one in the car with a change of clothes for each child...just in case.

Whether the Be Quick or the Be Mine, Ju-Ju-Be's diaper bags will leave you feeling organized and fashionable at the same time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Amy Kathryn is All About STYLE!

Amy Kathryn has been creating the most beautiful bags that are functional, beautiful and yummy!
From big bags, to the smaller bags, they all add so much to any wardrobe or baby outing!
Each come with a changing pad and each is made of custom printed ultrasuede or satin. The Amy Kathryn bags are comfortable and body conforming with the wonderful materials and the bright colors look amazing!

Weekender or Diaper Bag
(a matching diaper changing pad is included)
Custom printed ultrasuede that is hand-washable
Satin lining
Inside zipper pocket & 2 open pockets
Top zipper closure
Removable Shoulder strap
Zipper outside pocket
5 Bottom feet
16"w x 14"h x 7"d

Amy Kathryn's Over sized tote
Custom printed ultrasuede
Satin lining
Inside zipper pocket & 2 open pockets
Top zipper closure
5 Bottom feet
18"w x 15"h x 5"d

Freesia is Amy Kathryn's first Messenger style bag!
Custom printed Satin that is hand-washable
Cotton/Poly high quality lining
Inside zipper pocket & 2 open pockets
Top flap closure with zipper pocket on flap
Messenger Style adjustable shoulder strap
Snap Closure outside pocket
14"w x 13"h x 4"d


Amy Kathryn's shoulder bag!

Custom printed ultrasuede
Satin lining
Inside zipper pocket & 2 open pockets
Top zipper closure
2 Diagonal zipper pockets on the outside
15"w x 12"h x 4"d

Gladiola Weekender or Diaper Bag
Custom printed ultrasuede that is hand-washable Inside zipper pocket & 2 open pockets
Top zipper closure
Adjustable and Removable Shoulder strap and short handles
Snap closure outside middle pocket
4 Bottom feet
18"w x 14"h x 6"d


Amy Kathryn's Lightweight Duffel Bag
Custom printed ultrasuede
Matching Satin lining
Inside zipper pocket & 2 open pockets
Outside open pocket, 2 Side Zipper pockets
Top zipper closure
5 Bottom feet
22"w x 12"h x 12"d

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ramalama SALE!

We LOVE leather bags and who would have thought such a gorgeous line of bags could be meant to carry diapers and pacifiers!?

Ramalama is a unique line of different style leather bags and for a limited time they will be on sale!
Starting now till the end of May, the Ramalama Drew, Ava and Hannah will be on sale for 20% off using the code RAMALAMA20
Click Here for this promotion and more!
Each of the Ramalamas is made of gorgeous leather and is super functional!
The Ramalama Drew comes in Chocolate Brown, Olive Green and Caramel! The Drew has very little structure and is more of a sack type bag. The draw string feature is also leather and the straps are adjustable to suit your comfort.

The Ava is slightly more structured with the same adjustable handles and a magnet closure. The Ava comes in Caramel and Chocolate Brown.

The Ramalama Hannah has more of a professional look, perfect for work when baby gets older. Has 2 outside pockets that can fit bottles or your mommy essentials and has a little more structure than the Drew and Ava. The Hannah comes in Chocolate Brown and Black.

The Ramalama's are beautifully created to show off your sense of fashion. Each of the bags is made of the highest quality leathers and materials, each having a different and unique texture that makes them yummy!

Click Here to shop for a BEAUTIFUL Ramalama Diaper Bag!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Uh Oh! Wet Happened?

Mini Me Baby Gear's Wet Happened bags are made for fashionable moms who want the option to keep wet items seperated in their bag. You know that shopping excursion that takes a bit longer only to end in an accident? Wet Happened bags are perfect for soiled clothing! You can toss the items inside, zip it up, and feel comfortable knowing that the rest of the items in your bag are safe. They are also great for dirty diapers, bibs, or bathing suits after your fun summer outing. Wet Happened bags are made with a thick outer cotton in adorable prints, then lined with Polyurethane Laminate. Because they are constructed with two layers sewn separately, the zippered top secures the contents (and odors) inside. Additionally, they are double sewn to help avoid wicking, keeping your fabric and wet bag looking like new.

Wet Happened bags are user friendly as well. They are washable, re-usable and eco-friendly. After a long and fun day at the zoo, it was comforting to know that my Wet Happened bag could hold bibs, utensils and dirty containers that needed to be washed, as well as a pair of shorts that were nicely covered in ice cream. I felt confident that nothing else would be damaged in my bag. Knowing I could easily wash the Wet Happened bag if needed in cold water and then lay it flat to dry when I got home was an added bonus.

There are a number of fun prints to choose from! Regardless of which pattern you choose,
Wet Happened bags are a must have accessory...get them here!

Our Mother's Day Special was such a hit, we absolutely HAD to extend it! Take advantage of the following promotions at Little Dudes and Divas
We know how all of you LOVE Ju Ju Be so why not show it off with one of Ju Ju Be's limited edition Tee Shirts!? For Mother's Day, any Ju Ju Be Orders over $75 will receive a free Ju Ju Be Tee Shirt valued at $19.94! So you can get all the Ju Ju Be items you love and show them off with your new Ju Ju Be T-Shirt! Just add the code FREETEE at checkout! Click Here to add the Ju Ju Be Tee Shirt of your choice and start shopping for Ju Ju Be's! Don't forget to check out the Men's Ju Ju Be T-Shirt too!

Tee's will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. We will try our best to accomodate your size requests. Feel free to add a comment with your next preferred size.

If your order is over $200 you can receive a free $36 value gift set for baby! The gift sets include baby booties, and a matching mini baby blanket and bib! The set is made of super soft material baby will LOVE! You can choose from the Yellow Duck, Green Frog, Blue Elephant and Pink Bunny! Use the coupon code FREEGIFT36 on your order over $200 and choose the gift set of your choice. Click Here to add your FREE $36 value gift set to your cart and start shopping!

Now how about a FREE BAG?!
For Mother's Day, you can get a free bag with ANY orders over $300. You can choose from Fleurville's Yellow Seedpod or Pink Ogo Sling Tote's! They are roomy and comfortable, perfect for summer and FREE with your $300 or more purchase! Use the code FREEDIAPERBAG Click Here to add the Fleurville Sling Tote of your choice and start shopping!
Please note this promotion does not include already discounted items.

And MORE! If you're purchasing any diaper bag, even a diaper bag on sale that is still over $300 you can take advantage of the FREE BAG offer too!!! The Ramala Drew in Caramel is a beautiful leather bag with a unique leather draw string feature! The Mia Bossi Alisa in Exotic Pink is a gorgeous designer diaper bag that can be worn over the shoulder or messenger style. The Nest Black Satchel diaper bag is made of glazed black leather and gold studs! You would get FREE SHIPPING in the US, a FREE Fleurville Yellow Seedpod or Pink Ogo Sling Tote $150 retail value using the code FREEDIAPERBAG AND a FREE designer bib valued at $15! Click Here to add the Fleurville Sling Tote of your choice and start shopping!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gents by Goober Baby

Dad… this one is just for you!
All you need to take care of ‘business’ inside a discreet and stylish carrier. A cool look for on-the-go dads, the 'Spare Change' from Goober Baby is perfect for a packet of wipes, a couple of diapers, and includes a convenient changing pad. We know our Gents like to be organized!

- Dark chocolate thick cotton corduroy
- Lined in handsome patterned plush
- Includes ‘no fuss’ water resistant change pad
- Measures: 6”x10”Fabrics: 100% cotton / 100% Polyester
- Care: Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry
- Made in Canada

For additional information, please visit

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New bags and Sale bags - Amy Michelle baby bags

Can a “baby bag” really give mom back her sense of style? The press and our customers seem to think so. Amy Michelle was founded to give mom’s fashion as well as function. Their new Chic line offers sassy elegance, while the Street line offers a contemporary casual flair. Combined with their Classic line, Amy Michelle offers something for every mom’s sense of style!

Amy Michelle’s recent “Chic” line of mommy bags - with its rich red patent “Sweet Pea” tote in particular - is featured in the February issue of Pregnancy magazine’s What’s Kickin’ Accents – Seeing Red! (See attached.)

I guess Red is the new Red!

Go to to see our entire line of Classic, Chic and Street bags.

Make sure to check out our Messenger Bag sale! Daisy and Tulip are going fast!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Plush Pad
® by Ah Goo Baby®

The Plush Pad® is considered a convertible changing STATION that can replace the traditional, more bulky changing station in your home. It easily rolls up to reclaim counter space in smaller apartments or use it in a downstairs room for convenient changings -- all without sacrificing the comfort of your baby.

It is convertible in that its patented design rolls up small enough to be simply thrown into a diaper bag and taken with you on the go. The memory foam pillow provides the plush comfort (at 2 ft x 2 ft when opened), yet shrinks when rolled to a fraction of its size (3 inchs x 10 inches) when rolled.

See us in this May’s Pregnancy Magazine Beauty & Style Guide as one of their top 14, A-List Products for 2008 AND this May's Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine where they herald
The Plush Pad® as a "Mommy Must-Have" item. Also, we’ve recently had articles in People Magazine, Earnshaw's, Hudson’s, SheUnlimited, Babble, Gifts & Decorative Accessories, as well as well-known mommy blogs such as, and Internationally, we have been featured in editorials with Mother and Baby (Australia), My Child (Australia), and Young Parent (Singapore).

As some interesting "buzz" the following Hollywood celebrities currently own the Plush Pad: Naomi Watts, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Amanda Peet, Marcia Cross, Jamie Pressley, Patrick Dempsey, and most recently Toni Collette, Jessica Alba and Nicole Kidman with the lists growing by the week.

The Plush Pad® is in boutique baby, maternity, and gift boutiques worldwide, as well as many online boutiques. For more information go to

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Oilily Experience!

You won't believe how exited I was when I saw the new Oilily Diaper Bags. I absolutely loved the fun and exciting prints. The fact that these bags are also super convenient makes them so wonderful. Oilily is well known for their comfortable bags that are lightweight and big enough for your little ones’ necessities.

V-Hippy is the Camo Kid's Backpack perfect for camp and school! Comfortable straps so your studious one enjoys carrying books! Perfect to take on trips too!
Gotta Have It? CLICK HERE!

The new Oilily V-Home Diaper Bag has two small, almost hidden, pockets in the front with one big pocket dividing them. There is a cute little zippered pocket on either side of the bag that can easily fit a bottle or a sippy cup. It has two big pockets on the inside to help you organize all your stuff, as well as a huge mesh zippered pocket to keep spare clothes and diapers in place. V-Home, like all other Oilily Diaper Bags, comes with an adorable matching changing mat that is super soft and easy to clean. As far as the structure goes, not only is the bag structured to stand on its own, but it also has four metal feet to stand on to protect the already laminated base. V-Home can go from being a tote bag to being a shoulder bag in seconds!

Gotta Have It? CLICK HERE!

If you love camouflage and love Oilily Diaper Bags, then you are in luck. Oilily has two of the most adorable camo print diaper bags I have ever seen. V-Jungle and V-Tarzan! V-Jungle is roughly the same style and size as the V-Home, with some distinguishable differences. The pockets on the front are in the shapes of an elephant and a palm tree conveniently hidden in the bag's jungle. Roomy and comfortable and a great way to make a fashion statement!

Wanna have even more fun?! Get the matching V-Hippy kid's backpack for your little one to make a fashion statement just like mommy!

Gotta Have It? CLICK HERE!

V-Tarzan is somewhat smaller and different. It is a shoulder Diaper Bag with an adjustable shoulder strap as well as two small handles. The V-Tarzan has 2 convenient straps on the back for you to attach to the stroller as well. The front of the bag has two big pockets and two big pockets and more on the inside to help you organize! You can’t help but notice the craftsmanship and the detail of these great bags and together with the light weight, size and comfort, they make great bags for any mom.

Gotta Have It? CLICK HERE!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ju Ju Be's... ON SALE!?!?!?!

The Ju Ju Be Be Smart diaper bags and Be Small diaper bags are officially being discontinued!
Both are amazing bags and are very limited in each print!
The Be Smart is a great tote with wonderful features. Click Here to check out the Be Smart diaper bags! The Be Small is an awesome mini messenger that isn't so mini! Click Here to check out the Be Small diaper bags!

***And don't forget! If your Ju Ju Be order is over $75, you can take advantage of the Ju Ju Be offer for a free Ju Ju Be T-shirt! Just add the tee of your choice to your cart and use the coupon code FREETEE at checkout!***