Friday, May 23, 2008

The Ramalama Drew is a Must Have!

Ahhh....fine Italian leather arrived at my door today in the shape of a Ramalama Drew Diaper Bag. (I would argue that. It is a bag. Plain and simple and oh so gorgeous.) I had been hemming and hawing between the Drew and the Hannah for a few weeks and whether to get Caramel or Chocolate. I decided on a Chocolate Drew and am so happy I did. When you read the details of this bag at any etailer, they claim it is made of "melt in your mouth leather". I have heard it referred to as "yummy" by many. After opening it and drooling over it, I cannot find a better way to describe it. It just folds in your palm it is so soft. And the Chocolate color is perfect. It is clearly brown but adds that rugged touch I was going for.

I could not be happier with the Drew; it exceeds my expectations on all levels. I was nervous that it would not stand on its own, but alas it does. I knew it was "melt in your mouth leather" so figured it would tip. However, it stands comfortably and there is no need to lean it against anything. I was also praying for a superior leather quality that was rugged and natural looking versus the too clean look (hope that makes sense...), which can be hard to gauge online. I wanted to use this bag as a daily bag and have it be schnazzy and cool enough that I could pull it off with jean capris or more casual looks - mission accomplished!

What else was I nervous about? I am a Type A organizational nut so the thought of veering from my Ju-Ju-Be's was a bit unnerving! Though the Drew features 6 open pockets and one zippered pocket on the interior, I was skeptical they would provide enough organization for my needs. The Ramalama Drew has proven me wrong! The pockets are all extremely deep making them highly functional. Since I know most woman like to know the details and are probably thinking, "Yeah, but can I fit _____ in them?", let me indulge you.

  • Pocket#1: Easily fits all sippies I tried.

  • Pocket #2: Coach mini-wallet, iPhone, and shopping list all in one with room to spare!

  • Pocket #3: Currently empty

  • Pocket #4: Hand lotion and snack bar

  • Pocket #5: Wipes case, travel pack of anti-bacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer

  • Pocket #6: Travel pack of Kleenexes and brush for my daughter

  • Zippered pocket: Keys for the house...that's it for now. The zipper slides like buttah! :)

  • Main compartment: Lush Paisley Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick with 2 diapers, wipes case, & portable changing pad, as well as a Ju-Ju-Be Be Mine with my regular transfer items that go from bag to bag...
One more thing (on the growing list) to love is that it comes with accessories! Love it! It comes with a zippered pouch for that you can store your goodies in, an insulated bottle/sippy holder (that is large enough to fit my Sigg bottle), and a nicely cushioned machine washable changing pad. If I would have read more clearly, I would have known these would be included, but I must have been drooling over the soft Italian leather a bit too much. I also love the fact that it has a yummy soft Ramalama star tag on the outside. Necessary? No. Fun? Yep.

I don't need to dig very deep to find a reason for yet another bag, but I was hoping that the Drew would be a lighter bag purely by design. My other daily bag is my Lush Paisley Ju-Ju-Be Be Tween, so I figured I would weigh them both fully packed to see if my desire was met. I am not an over or under packer...maybe just normal (at least when it comes to packing). My Be Tween weighed in at 6 pounds and 3 ounces and my Ramalama Drew weighed in at 4 pounds and 15 ounces, which saves me about 1.5 pounds. Is that a lot? For me, it is great. 1.5 less pounds means less stress on me. Does the weight difference steer me away from my Be Tween...not a chance!

Additionally, the straps are simply perfect on the Drew. They are adjustable at 5 levels via the buckle (very nice hardware by the way) and the drop length makes them so comfortable. I have it at the 3rd hole right now, which is how it came, and measures a drop of about 15 inches. It hangs at that nice tuck point where you can keep control of it while still chasing and carrying your little ones.

All in all, I just love my Ramalama Drew (the name is just fun to say, too) and am tickled pink (Did you read that, Mom?) with my purchase! If you are in the market for a bag that does not scream, "I am a Mom", and can easily be used as your children get older, the Ramalama Drew may be just what you are looking for.

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