Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Closer Look at Ju-Ju-Be's Be Mine & Be Quick

Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags deliver boutique fashion with the ease and function hip mom's desire. Whether it is waterproof Teflon fabrics, insulated bottle pockets, amazing prints, soft touch memory foam changing pads, or organization beyond your expectations, Ju-Ju-Be has thought of it all and more. They have a wide range of diaper bags and accessories to meet your every need.

Two must have Ju-Ju-Be's are the Be Mine and the Be Quick! Just what is the Be Mine? A wristlet? A wallet? Or is it a mini-bag to transfer from bag to bag? The good news is it is all of those! It functions perfectly as a wallet, allowing room to store your money, keys, credit cards, lip stick, receipts and more. If you prefer to keep your wallet as is, the Be Mine acts as a great "transfer bag". It can fit all of the extra cards you don't use all of the time, your cell phone or PDA, gum, receipts, and a few make-up items. When you store them in your Be Mine, you can quickly grab that and your wallet, toss them in "today's bag", and go. No need to worry about forgetting an essential!

The Be Mine features a lip gloss loop, an extendible pen, a mini mirror for quick peeks, an ID pocket, zippered interior pocket, slot for credit cards, and a pocket with enough flex to hold your random odds and ends. It comes with a wrist strap and an extended strap in case you want to carry it on your shoulder. The possibilities are endless!

If you are looking for more of an open concept pouch that can store anything and everything, then look no further than Ju-Ju-Be's Be Quick. It measures 10.5" x 6.5" x 1/5", features a satin waterproof antimicrobial lining, a smaller interior pocket, and a snap on wrist strap that can also attach to your existing bag.

Just how can you use the Be Quick? One of my favorite ways is to carry 1-2 diapers, a small container of wipes, and compact changing pad in one. I transfer this Be Quick from bag to bag and love knowing I am always prepared. It works great as a make-up bag for your purse or home, stores wires and cords for all of your gadgets, and fits those small toys perfectly so they don't get scattered throughout your bag. I also carry one in the car with a change of clothes for each child...just in case.

Whether the Be Quick or the Be Mine, Ju-Ju-Be's diaper bags will leave you feeling organized and fashionable at the same time.

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