The LDD Crew

Susan and Steve are the founders and owners of Little Dudes and Divas and are the loving parents to 3 beautiful children. All in a day's work, both pull together as a team to provide for their family of five while balancing Little Dudes and Divas, full time jobs and of course, the family itself.
Having 3 wonderful children has been their greatest adventure and has provided them with the perfect eye for life's essentials which is portrayed in their keen selection of brands for their growing store.

They have brought in the rest of the LDD crew only to consider them a part of the family. Always lending an attentive ear, an experienced suggestion and best of all, some yummy cooking! Inviting the LDD crew for holiday dinners, barbecue's and bringing leftovers to share in the office. They create a family like atmosphere giving the rest of the crew the feeling of "home". 

First working out of their basement and moving on into an official Little Dudes and Divas office, they have had the pleasure of watching their planted LDD seeds grow into shrubs in hopes of a meadow.
Susan and Steve work hard and prove generosity in their discreet donations to organizations and families in need. Knowing the struggles of today, they are always finding ways to lend a helping hand.

Maya began her journey at Little Dudes and Divas as a part time employee while searching for a future and quickly found herself tied to her new found LDD Family. Being Steve's sister came with more responsibilities as Head of Operations taking over the diaper bag world. She found diaper bags to be a hidden passion she hadn't discovered till LDD came along and even more so, developed a love for those in need of them.

Her voice, a familiar attribute of Little Dudes and Divas often recognized by customers, has become a point of humor in the office. With a short fuse curbed by a wacky sense of humor, Maya keeps the office on it's toes when taking breathers from her LDD responsibilities she is so passionately devoted to.
Her creativity has others mimicking in form of flattery proving her immense capabilities in various fields of the LDD work day. "Pulling Strings" as she so often calls it, Maya is happiest when a customer is satisfied and greets the lovely comments many have taken the time to post. Working extra hours from the comfort of her home to provide what she can for the loyal customers keeping track, Maya is an asset to the LDD Family.

Al joined the LDD crew as the first official employee and is now the shipping department manager with loads more responsibilities.Working hard on the Amazon and Ebay listings, he puts in extra hours to get the job done. Always jumping at the opportunity to lend a hand and put his 2 cents in, Al is an integral cog in the Little Dudes and Divas machine proving his capabilities each and every day.
In his work, attitude and participation he shows endless devotion to Little Dudes and Divas where he is truly cherished as a part of the family, an amazing co worker and an incredible friend.
He's the greatest friend you could ask for and has a unique sense of humor that will surely get you smirking.
You won't find a more genuine individual that will care for you and your well being. He's that guy that knows you're upset even if you're smiling and will do everything he can to be there for you in your time of need.

With the craziest facial expressions and hard hitting loyalty, Little Dudes and Divas could not have found a better, funnier and light hearted first LDD family member.