Q-I've seen your videos, can I make a special request?
A-Yes, feel free to LIKE us on Facebook and post your special request on our wall.
We will try our very best to shoot the video especially for you.

Q-What is your website URL?
A- Just click HERE and you will be redirected.

Q-Do you have any specials on your website?
A-We sure do! Click HERE and you will be redirected to our Specials Page.

Q-I have so many questions and I need some suggestions/opinions. Can you help?
A-Not only can WE help, but our forum members can help out too! You can get personal
mommy opinions by clicking HERE and joining our forum.

Q-What are your shipping options and costs?
A-Click HERE to be redirected to our shipping information.

Q-Where can I watch more videos?
A-Click HERE to be redirected to our YouTube channel.

Q-Do you sell Little Dudes and Divas Gift Certificates?

A-We sure do! Click HERE to be redirected to our Gift Certificates

Q-The item I'm interested in does not have any additional images. Where can I see more images?

A-Unfortunately, not all companies offer images and many of the additional images on the site have been taken by Little Dudes and Divas. You can email maya@littledudesanddivas.com and request more images. We will take them as soon as we can.

Q-Where can I write a product review?

A-You are more than welcome to visit the item you are reviewing on the website and place your review there. Or if you would like to do a full blown item review, click HERE to post your review on our forum. Reviews for the forum are sometimes used for our blog. If your review gets featured on our blog, we will send you a free gift.

Q-I heard you host many contests and giveaways. Where can I participate?

A-Firstly, sign up to our mailing list on the site for giveaways on orders. Also you can LIKE us on Facebook where we post MANY contests and giveaways. Lastly, join our forum where we host occasional contests and giveaways as well.

Q-Do you have physical store?

A-Not at the moment but if we open something up, we will let you know :)