Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer's Cutest Baby Shoes!

Can these be any cuter!?!? Jack & Lily and Rileyroo's have the cutest baby shoes all year round but their new summer collections are to die for!

Both designer names are known for their comfort and excellent quality materials including suede and leather. The materials they use in these high quality baby shoes are breatheable and comfortable for your little ones to set of on their first adventures.

Both the Rileyroo's and Jack & Lily shoes have velcro closures for easy on and off. Helps tots make a fast getaway when you attempt to wipe their nose.

Each style is unique and equally adorable! Both designers use fun prints and colors to match all kinds of wardrobes. Also they have rubber soles for an easy grip non slip experience because baby's first steps need to promote confidence and security.

Whether you're taking a stroll in the park or your little dude is escorting you to a fancy dinner, he will look ravishing in a pair of of Jack & Lily's Navy Sandals. These Jack & Lily's will match any outfit and are great for any summery day!

Jack & Lily's Mint Daisy Patch is a wonderful combination of Mint with pink daisies and and white thread leaves embroidered into the shoes. Your little diva will love twirling in her beautiful summer dress with the help of her super comfortable shoes.

The Rileyroos Dakota Sunset has double velcro closure for a secure tight fit. The colors are great for the summer and they are perfect for the park, beach and play dates. The Rileyroos are form fitting and flexible, great for longer strolls.

The Rileyroos Dakota Ocean is a great addition to your baby dude's wardrobe. Just slip 'em on, secure the easy velcro straps and off he goes!


  1. So sweet.. Those are really a good collection of comfortable baby shoes. I want to have some of them for my sweet daughter.

  2. My son loves Rileyroos-they are the first shoes he picks to put on his feet each morning. I hadn't seen the Dakota's, very cool...