Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why Mom's are in love with the
Cry Babyz Paci Pockets:

  • Washable: How wonderful to be able to wash and line dry
    our Paci Pockets.
  • Reversible: What? A two-in-one! Yes that's right. Simply
    turn paci pocket inside out for a completely different look.
    Each pocket is crea
    ted with 2 coordinating fabrics.
  • Life-Saver: If you have ever lost the cherished "binky" you may have wished you had a unique pacifier holder that kept your baby's pacifier
    close by for baby's comfort. Simply attach the velcro fabric strap
    around diaper bag handle, stroller handle or virtually anywhere.
  • Stylish: Not only can you keep that binky close, but you can
    keep it close in style! Each Cry Babyz Paci
    Pockets are created with
    top of the line, hip, fun fabrics.
  • Germ Free: Slip binky into pocket to keep it enclosed, clean and free from dirt. It prevents paci from
    going to bottom of diaper bag with lurking germs.
  • Huge Selection: With 16 different choices of Cry Babyz Paci Pockets to choose from you are certain to find your style. We carry paisley, camo, toile, & sock monkey just to name a few.
It will change your life in the Paci world! Your baby will thank you.

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