Monday, May 5, 2008

The Oilily Experience!

You won't believe how exited I was when I saw the new Oilily Diaper Bags. I absolutely loved the fun and exciting prints. The fact that these bags are also super convenient makes them so wonderful. Oilily is well known for their comfortable bags that are lightweight and big enough for your little ones’ necessities.

V-Hippy is the Camo Kid's Backpack perfect for camp and school! Comfortable straps so your studious one enjoys carrying books! Perfect to take on trips too!
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The new Oilily V-Home Diaper Bag has two small, almost hidden, pockets in the front with one big pocket dividing them. There is a cute little zippered pocket on either side of the bag that can easily fit a bottle or a sippy cup. It has two big pockets on the inside to help you organize all your stuff, as well as a huge mesh zippered pocket to keep spare clothes and diapers in place. V-Home, like all other Oilily Diaper Bags, comes with an adorable matching changing mat that is super soft and easy to clean. As far as the structure goes, not only is the bag structured to stand on its own, but it also has four metal feet to stand on to protect the already laminated base. V-Home can go from being a tote bag to being a shoulder bag in seconds!

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If you love camouflage and love Oilily Diaper Bags, then you are in luck. Oilily has two of the most adorable camo print diaper bags I have ever seen. V-Jungle and V-Tarzan! V-Jungle is roughly the same style and size as the V-Home, with some distinguishable differences. The pockets on the front are in the shapes of an elephant and a palm tree conveniently hidden in the bag's jungle. Roomy and comfortable and a great way to make a fashion statement!

Wanna have even more fun?! Get the matching V-Hippy kid's backpack for your little one to make a fashion statement just like mommy!

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V-Tarzan is somewhat smaller and different. It is a shoulder Diaper Bag with an adjustable shoulder strap as well as two small handles. The V-Tarzan has 2 convenient straps on the back for you to attach to the stroller as well. The front of the bag has two big pockets and two big pockets and more on the inside to help you organize! You can’t help but notice the craftsmanship and the detail of these great bags and together with the light weight, size and comfort, they make great bags for any mom.

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