Monday, May 12, 2008

Uh Oh! Wet Happened?

Mini Me Baby Gear's Wet Happened bags are made for fashionable moms who want the option to keep wet items seperated in their bag. You know that shopping excursion that takes a bit longer only to end in an accident? Wet Happened bags are perfect for soiled clothing! You can toss the items inside, zip it up, and feel comfortable knowing that the rest of the items in your bag are safe. They are also great for dirty diapers, bibs, or bathing suits after your fun summer outing. Wet Happened bags are made with a thick outer cotton in adorable prints, then lined with Polyurethane Laminate. Because they are constructed with two layers sewn separately, the zippered top secures the contents (and odors) inside. Additionally, they are double sewn to help avoid wicking, keeping your fabric and wet bag looking like new.

Wet Happened bags are user friendly as well. They are washable, re-usable and eco-friendly. After a long and fun day at the zoo, it was comforting to know that my Wet Happened bag could hold bibs, utensils and dirty containers that needed to be washed, as well as a pair of shorts that were nicely covered in ice cream. I felt confident that nothing else would be damaged in my bag. Knowing I could easily wash the Wet Happened bag if needed in cold water and then lay it flat to dry when I got home was an added bonus.

There are a number of fun prints to choose from! Regardless of which pattern you choose,
Wet Happened bags are a must have accessory...get them here!

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