Thursday, April 17, 2008

The New Baby Kaed Diaper Bags!

I haven't seen these yet but they're due to arrive in the beginning of May 2008!

Baby Kaed's diaper bags are beautiful and now they came out with 2 new styles! The Dhara is their new convertible backpack so you can wear it either as a backpack or a shoulder bag. Convertibles are great because it can change according to your needs. One of the things Baby Kaed mentions about the Dhara is that the flap on the front is just for the front pocket. The main compartment opens with a zipper at the top so that you don't have to fumble with a flap when reaching into the bag. The pockets inside the Dhara were designed to fit diapers, wipes, bottles and all the necessities. The front pocket with the flap also has a zippered pocket inside to store more items. The material is water resistant and so is the lining!

The Shanti diaper bag was meant to look super stylish so that no one will even guess it's a diaper bag! It's made of soft faux leather and looks stunning! The handles are long enough for your comfort and can be adjusted. 2 front elastic topped pockets with fun tassels, 2 side zippered pockets for small essentials, one back pocket with a special cell phone pocket and, 5 interior pockets!
And as always, all the Baby Kaed diaper bags come with essential accessories to make it just a little easier!

The CMK (Changing Mat Kit) by Baby Kaed is awesome! Baby's still in dipes and he now chooses to make changing sessions a little harder. I just got back from BJ's and while I was there, I had it in the car (I'm not a big fan of changing in public restrooms unless it's too cold to do it from the back of the car). I asked one of the employees to keep an eye on my cart, pulled him out and had a great time wiping his tushy! The mat opened up large enough for him not to be restricted. On one side there are 3 pockets facing inwards so my changing things didn't fall right out. That also kept him somewhat in place too. The other flap is kind of a continuation of the mat which is great because it gives him even more wiggle room and I don't have to worry that his tushy is touching anything but the mat. I didn't need something to hold the dipes or the ointments because they fit very well in the side pockets but I didn't use the wipes case it comes with. I actually filled the wipes case and left it in my car for emergency moments and instead used my green Sugar Booger wipes pouch for a minimal amount of wipes. (I love it! I have one in the CMK now and one in my purse, they're thin and convenient)
Anyway, once I was done, I easily folded it up, gave it a quick bow with the string, I was done and he was happy!

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