Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Don't we just LOVE Angel Dear!?

Angel Dear has always been known for their super soft materials and baby things! We've carried their lovable Mini Baby Blankets for a while now and personally know babies that own the whole zoo. The Angel Dear Mini Baby Blankets come in a variety of fun animals and colors and make a perfect security blanket for your little one.

Angel Dear decided to take this fabulous item and make it bigger! The Angel Dear Napping Blankets are a fantastic addition to baby's crib, stroller and can be used for those nap time car rides too! They are made of the same super soft material and come in the different animal shapes too!

We love Angel Dear so so much! We decided to also add a few more of their great items! The Angel Dear Ring Rattles are and excellent way to soothe those teething gums and comfort baby. They are perfectly sized for those little hands to grab. They come in a variety of animals and make a great addition to any Angel Dear collection!Angel Dear also has Scalloped Edge blankets. They are also super soft and are great for those car ride nap times or stroller outings. Baby will love to be wrapped in one of these comfortable blankets. The feel of the material is soothing and comforting. Angel Dear has also decided to help moms by creating curved pillows for those nursing moments. Super soft as well and offers great support for when you nurse your little one. The Angel Dear Curved pillows come in the animals as well and are also perfect to support baby's head during play under the mobile.

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