Saturday, July 5, 2008

A closer look at Cry Babyz™ Paci Pocket!

The Cry Babyz™ company has created
the hottest product that helps you keep
up with your baby's beloved binky!
It's our Cry Babyz™ Paci Pockets. Each pocket
is created from 2 coordinating stylish modern
fabrics which gives you a 2 for 1.

turn your paci pocket inside out for a
completely different look.

Simply tuck binky into the fabric pocket which
gathers to keep binky free from dirt and germs.

Paci Pockets are machine washable on the
gentle cycle and line dry. How convienent!

Paci Pockets have a soft velcro
that allows you to attatch
Paci Pocket
to any diaper bag strap,
purse strap,
stroller, car seat.

Cry Babyz™ Paci Pockets by Chic Pockets are fresh, hip pacifier pouches that are very functional as well as Chic for today’s Mom. Paci Pockets come in a wide selection to suit your mixing and matching. With a Cry Babyz™ Paci Pocket by Chic Pockets you will be original and stand out! Cry Babyz™ Paci Pockets are a must for your baby's binky. Never lose your baby's paci again with any of our Cry Babyz™ Paci Pockets.

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