Monday, July 14, 2008

Slurp & Burp

Tired of dealing with the hassle of a nursing cover. It keeps sliding off and it takes way too much time to set up! BABY IS HUNGRY!!!

Slurp & Burp is an amazing item created by a wonderful mother that had to let that creative mind of hers loose!

What started out with her husband's tee-shirt, a pair of scissors and a not so far off dream turned out to be an amazing reality.
Share the joys of Breastfeeding!
Privacy without isolation.
After all, dining is social.

Slurp & Burp™ is fun to say and cool to wear!
In fact, it's the coolest breastfeeding cover on the market because the patented design allows mom to nurse discreetly without covering her baby. The Slurp & Burp functions the same as a nursing top without the expense of a new wardrobe. Mom never has to reach for a burpcloth because there's one sewn into the design. Less to remember and less to pack makes life so much easier! The Slurp & Burp™ remains compact in your bag because it rolls up and tucks into it's own elastic strap. Remember... the Slurp & Burp™ was designed to help moms incorporate breastfeeding into their lifestyle. ENJOY!!!
Soon to be added to the
Little Dudes and Divas online store! Check in for more information on the arrival of the Slurp & Burp!

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