Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cry Babyz™ Paci Pockets Best Sellers

Classic. Rockin. Fresh. Cry Babyz™.

  • Cry Babyz™ creates classic, rockin, fresh
    products and offers them in a wide
    selection of designer fabrics.
  • Why not opt for classic and chic, time saving
    products that fit your unique style and personality?

    Cry Babyz™ is a Mom owned and operated Company.
When you are considering which Paci Pocket you want to start with,
Cry Babyz™ wanted to give you an insight to their Hot 3 Best Sellers.

Blue Toile............. Pink Toile.............. Pink Camo
Good thing for these colorful, binky-saving Cry Babyz™ Paci Pockets, which are really clever for your binky and they are a parents helper. It is designed to hang onto your bag and has a little pocket just right for the pacifier, keeping it clean from germs and dirt. If you’re looking for a little binky protection too, check them out!
Machine washable, line dry. Reversible, a two for one!

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