Monday, September 8, 2008

Just Where do You WannaBe?

Ju-Ju-Be hopes you want to be at the beach or pool and that you grab their hot new bag, the WannaBe, before you head out. One of the many things that is so great about Ju-Ju-Be is that they listen to their customers. Customers wanted a beach bag and Ju-Ju-Be delivered. The WannaBe is a must have bag for active and busy moms and dads!

The WannaBe is available in three hip and summery prints right now: Citrus/green, Perky Perennials, or Groovy Garden. The Citrus/green print adds a twist on an already popular Ju-Ju-Be print by swapping silver lining for this beautiful green - perfect for summer and sunshine! Perky Perennials features silver lining and Groovy Garden features the gorgeous tangerine lining. Regardless of which print you choose, they are all perfect for the WannaBe and the contrasting linings help you find your belongings inside the bag.

The Ju-Ju-Be Wannabe Diaper Bag is a versatile bag with tons of organization! It is finally possible to have everything you need in ONE bag as you head to the beach, park, pool, or out for a day trip.

The exterior of the Ju-Ju-Be Wannabe is well thought out featuring an elasticized towel holder, as well as a small pocket, and larger pocket for magazines and books. The smaller pocket is great for holding keys, sunscreen sticks or other small last minute items. But here is the awesome part - the Ju-Ju-Be WannaBe can also be used as a backpack! The backpack straps are padded and extremely comfortable for those days when you have a heavy load or need multiple hands accessible for your little ones. They can be removed if you prefer to carry it like a tote as well. The multiple carrying options make the Ju-Ju-Be WannaBe a versatile and functional choice. There is also a center strap that you can use to secure your items a bit, but they can be easily tucked away. Add on the fact that the entire bottom of the bag unzips and what do you have - an amazing bag? The sand will no longer get trapped in your bag and you don't have to empty it to actually get rid of the sand. The sand trap also makes for a great place to store your little one's dirty sandals or neoprene swim shoes if you need.

Onto the interior...first off, it is HUGE! One side has three mesh pockets and a built in cooler. The mesh pockets can easily fit hats, diapers, kicking coaches, and anything else you can think of. Above those pockets is a built in cooler with wipe clean lining. The cooler is big enough to fit sandwiches for your family, a few cheese strips and yogurts, as well as a few drinks! One bonus is that the cooler is located on the top half of the bag so you can still stuff the lower portion full without compromising the cooler space.

The other side has a zipper that extends the width of the bag to hold your valuables that you want protected from water. The zipper opens to reveal three fleece lined pockets - ingenious! Cameras, phones, iPods, you name it - it is safe from water and won't get scratched. There is also a cord port for your iPod as an added fun touch!

There are two bottle holders on the sides of the interior for securing your own drinks or beverages for the kids. Additionally, the WannaBe comes with two clear zippered wet bags (6"x10" and 10"x10")to hold sunscreen, soap, wet suits, dirty diapers, snacks or whatever you can think of. When not in use, they can be easily stored or lay flat on the bottom.

A review of a Ju-Ju-Be would not be complete without mentioning that the quality on this bag is phenomenal. The exterior fabric is waterproof and Teflon treated as is the case with all Ju-Ju-Be products. It has structure while still being flexible making it easy to stuff, yet still maintaining its ability to stand on its own...very important for a large bag. The satin lining is brightly colored so you can easily find your goodies and just happens to be waterproof and antimicrobial as well. And even if dirt or food gets beyond these barriers, Ju-Ju-Be bags are machine washable and can easily be spot cleaned with baking soda.

If you are the market for a bag that actually allows you to carry everything you need, the Ju-Ju-Be WannaBe Diaper Bag is a perfect choice! It measures 19x17x8 (width x height x depth), has space that is open but organized, holds a ton, is superior quality, has two carrying options, and looks gorgeous. Ju-Ju-Be thought of it all in the WannaBe so you can finally have it all!

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