Friday, February 13, 2009


The 2 newest Ju Ju Be Prints! Zany Zinnias and Cherry Lemonade! Great new prints for the upcoming spring! Beautiful color combinations and so much fun!
Of course they come in the classic Be All diaper bag, also the Be Quick, Be Mine, Packabe, BeTween, Be Set, Be Light and the new accessories!
The Zany Zinnias also comes in the Be Prepared too! How awesome is that!? Make your trips and weekend getaways that much more fun with this great Zany print!

Now how about those new accessories!?
Wallets and organizers, special features with so many extras!
Click on the images to see more!!!

Do you carry your checkbook around in one of those boring plastic covers where the corners bend and the checks get dirty? Why?! When you can cover those checks in the cutest prints!?! Reach into your bag for a wacky print that is sure to catch everyone's eye!

The BeLicious! Lunch anyone?! Have fun as you tote around the cutest and most functional lunch bag! Hang it from the stroller or carry it on your shoulder. Get one for the kids too! They will have the best lunch bags in the school!

The Be Rich with blessings to BE RICH! Unbelievable wallet with the best features EVER!

The Be Major with it's many many slots for everything you need. Wristlet too so it goes everywhere you do!

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