Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Bee Bags Have The Style, Taste, And Uniqueness We All Crave!

I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, “Accessorizing with a new diaper bag could possibly be one of the best parts of having a new baby {besides the actual baby of course…}”. Even better, there are so many trendy and fashionable bags out there to choose from! Diaper bags are made to fit the personality and taste of the mama yet accommodate the versatility of every little bambino! Baby Bee Bags have the style, taste, and uniqueness we all crave.

Desperate to find the perfect diaper bag, owners, designers, and parents, Shelly and Dvir, created these convenient and spacious bags! The Fabien and Eglan collections of Baby Bee Bags come with style, comfort, and my favorite feature, versatility. Worn as a backpack OR hung from the handles of any stroller, and with pockets galore, more room than you can imagine, AND an attached changing pad; you will be ready for a day out and about with baby, enjoying your time together and not having to worry about what you left behind.

One unique fabric design after the next, Baby Bee Bags can never be described as “plain” or “boring”; these are hip and chic, focused on the modern on-the-go mom and her needs/wants and of course unique taste in fashion as no 2009 mom wants a non-functional, BORING, tasteless diaper bag!Before we part on this gorgeous Monday, share the Baby Bee Bag products with your older child and the Kibee Line… perfect for the park, day cares, preschools, wherever your child may go, they can bring along those special items, sippy cup, toys, pull-ups and more; these are sweet and give each child a sense of “I’m a Big Boy, I’m a Big Girl, and can carry my own bag!” Hey, why not, less stuff for mommy to carry!

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