Thursday, September 24, 2009


Ahhhh a Little Dudes and Divas forum winner!!!!

We love the moms and LOVE the dads that are just as awesome!

Greg lost Mandy to Ju Ju Be a WHILE ago :)

We feel you Greg!
But thanks for supporting the amazing diaper bag addiction!!!
He won this T-Shirt in one of our forum contests!
How awesome?!?!

Now he's helping Mandy have a better chance at winning a free Mia Bossi Maria Tangerine diaper bag!!!
If you wanna enter the contest too, CLICK HERE!

Thanks Greg and Mandy for the support and participation! You rock!


  1. LOL! Mandy your DH is adorable in that shirt!

  2. LOL thanks! haha I think he's pretty adorable *MOST* of the time! LOL

    Thanks Maya!!

    And Thanks Greg - love you babe!!

  3. That's an awesome picture!!! He looks like such a bad *** ;) You can fill that in!!!!

    That look with that Tee is absolutely perfect!!!! You have to tell JJB to take a look!

  4. Love the shirt! And he looks like he really means it...LOL! DH definitely needs a shirt like that!

  5. I'll be giving away some shirts for the mini prizes too so keep entering the contest! Not only for the chance to win a GORGEOUS bag but to win other great gifts!

  6. LOL all the tattoos probably help that! LOL He's super funny though - quite the character! LOL

  7. hee hee. yep, the combo of the look on his face, with the scruff and tatoos, knowing that he has diaper bag t-shirt on, is priceless! love it!