Tuesday, October 13, 2009

JJB Mini Be Lotus Lullaby Pics!

How awesome does THAT look!
Of course!

A gorgeous classy print like Lotus Lullaby will look good on anything!

The Limited Edition Mini Be In Lotus Lullaby ladies! Get your hand
s on 'em while you can cause these babies won't last!

Beautiful red lining with that same beautiful print we've all fallen head over heals for!

A great addition to any JJB collection!

The Ju Ju Be Mini Be Diaper Bag Backpack for mom AND your little tot!

Good things come in mini packages. Now carry all the essentials hands free… but Ju-Ju-Be anticipated some bickering over who gets to carry it so they included two sets of straps so you can swap out when your mini me wants something their size…
smart huh?!

Mini Be has an insulated snack pocket and a quick reach outside pocket that conveniently fits diapers and a wipes pouch.

Also has two exterior insulated bottle pockets, and extra long key clip, a picture pocket and an outside magnet pocket.

Dimension: W7 3/4” H12” D4”


  1. Soooooo Pretty...can't wait to get mine in the mail!

  2. It makes Lotus Lullaby look so different with the red lining...it's really nice

  3. OMG I have always said from the get go that LL would look STUNNING with the red lining and boy does it EVER!!! It really makes the print pop WOW!!!

  4. Loving the bright red myself! Looks adorable right!?!?!?
    SO SO CUTE!!!!
    And it's so so perfect on that Mini Be!!!

  5. I am really suprised. I am usually not a fan of LL, but the red lining really draws me to it!! Way to go JJB!!

  6. I am really suprised. I am usually not a fan of LL, but the red lining really draws me to it!! Way to go JJB!!

  7. I have never cared for LL (I am a pink kind of girl!) But I LOVE this print! I might have to snag one of these before Rebecca finally decides to use the potty and forever crushes my diaper bag dreams. :)

  8. The more I see this bag the more tempted I am to get one. I love the print but small backpack style just doesn't work for me these days.

    I think it's beautiful.

  9. Lotus Lullaby is the classiest print in the Ju Ju Be family. Thank you for posting these pictures!

  10. I love the Lotus Lullaby with the red print - def on my wish list! :)

  11. I love it! Lotus is so pretty with red lining.

  12. Gorgeous! The more I see it, the more I'm starting to love it!

  13. yes Maya it sure does look adorable what I would give to have one of these bags before there gone

    Again I wish they did this in the between or be spicy or even better the packabe as a limited run I would be in utter heaven :D

  14. Wow! Amazing pics! The red lining and accents look so sharp!

  15. I love LL, but I have to say I HATE the red trim. It just looks cheap, to me. If they'd used black it would have looked so much better. *sigh*

  16. In the past week I've actually DREAMED about this bag twice. I think I'm going to need to get one!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that red!