Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Mia Bossi Maria Tangerine Winner!

We soooo wanted to share with you!
Nina is the proud winner of our first HUGE contest!

We have so many contests going on so don't miss out!
We just gave away ANOTHER Mia Bossi diaper bag!
And participation is soooo easy!!!

Nina won the GORGEOUS Mia Bossi Maria Tangerine Diaper Bag!

Here's what she had to say:

First, I LOVE the bag, so pretty irl. I am using it as my DD travel bag, it fits everything for a weekend trip with a lot of room to spare. The changing pad is so cool, who would have thought to line it with fur. DD decided to sit in it and watch TV, of course I took a pictures and pulled her right out. I guess she figured the inside pockets would make nice cup holders :)

Little Dudes and Divas is such a generous and customer friendly web site. You really do care about your customers going above and beyond! Personally, I ordered a diaper bag, but was leaving to go on vacation and you shipped it to my destination. The bag actually arrived before I did and I had a blast being able to use it.

Just to let you know - I am teaching a class on saving money, coupons, contests and so on. I will most definitely be telling them about Little Dudes and Divas, not just about the forum, but also the online store. hopefully send some customers your way!!

Thank you so so much Nina! For your kind words, participation and loyalty!

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