Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Pick #5

Lil Melon Knee Pads!

Babies are on the move! There might not be much you can do to stop them but at least you can protect those sensitive knees as they learn to crawl!
The winter clothes are coming off and spring clothing means more knee exposure for your little explorer. Protect those knees with these ADORABLE knee pads!

Amazingly bright vibrant trim colors. Ideal for carpet and outdoors.

Protect your baby’s knees with comfort and style with Lil’ Melon baby knee pads!
Lil’ Melon Baby Knee Pads have thick but light weight padding that maintains optimum cushioning while your baby explores the world. And the soft, stretchable cotton fabric moves with your baby as she crawls and toddles along.
Compared to leading brands on the market, Lil’ Melon Baby Knee Pads are not bulky and there are no straps to deal with. They are very light weight and easy to wear and take off, just like socks! The knee pads stay on the knees and do not slip off. And have open back for air ventilation and preventing discomfort during hot days.
Machine wash or spot wash them and you are done!
Size: 7months to 20months
Lil Melon Knee Pad No More Ouchies Baby Knee Pads With Silicone
*Lil Melon does not believe in overly covering your baby’s sensitive knees as she crawls. After testing other brands of baby knee pads, we feel that over protection on the knees may cause discomfort and inhibit flexible movements of babies. Lil' Melon Baby Knee Pads are very light, stretchy and comfortably shields only your baby's knees from possible bruises and scratches.

Lil' Melon baby knee pads are made with soft, stretchable cotton fabric that moves with your baby. It’s lightweight so it allows air ventilation, keeping their knees cool and preventing discomfort.
Most importantly, they keep your baby's sensitive knees from bruising and scraping as they crawl and toddle around indoors and outdoors.
The thick light weight padding maintains optimum cushioning while your baby explores their new world when learning to crawl. When they start toddling around, the cushioning prevents cuts and scrapes that can occur from falling and tripping.
Measurements: 5" tall by 2 5/8" wide. They're stretchy enough to fit bigger legs, but still small enough to fit snugly on more petite legs. Can fit toddlers up to 18months old depending on size and weight.
Washing Instructions: Very easy. You can spot wash them or throw them in with your laundry and you're done!
Learning their way around a big, new world can be a scary thing. Help keep your baby safe and comfortable while they explore with Lil' Melon baby knee pads!

Like many other products in the market, Lil’ Melon was born out of the frustration of a Mom and lil’ daughter who express their likes and dislikes very strongly.
“I want to develop products that I know would make both of us happy.” says Nancy Choe who is the founder of Lil Melon and Mother of a toddler girl.
Nancy first developed Lil’ Melon baby knee pads to help her baby daughter crawl and walk. A leading brand was too bulky and her baby had a hard time wearing them with every day clothes. Another brand was too loose and slipped off easily.

Lil Melon Knee Pad Butterfly Baby Knee Pads
Nancy thinks “getting bruises is just part of growing up and parents should not over-protect their children from what is natural. But sometimes you need to give your child an extra layer of protection to help them be more confident and mobile on their own.”
Tiles, cement and carpets are actually all part of our modern life and instead of constraining your baby with bulky knee pads or covering the floors with unhealthy PVC foams, why not use a light weight knee covering that can be worn and taken off easily like socks?
Lil’ Melon baby knee pads are light-weight, soft, and stretchy - allowing ventilation and comfort for your baby or toddler as they crawl, wobble and toddle, all the while preventing bruised and scraped knees. Lil’ melon products are designed to help babies acquire the confidence to be curious and venture around more comfortably.


Keep checking in for more spring picks!

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