Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's Next for Timi and Leslie!? BABY PLANET!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!! STROLLERS!?!?!?!!?
Yup! Teaming up with Baby Planet, Timi and Leslie's Plum Diaper Bag Collection has matching strollers! And of course Baby Planet didn't stop there! They also have the endangered species collection!

And now Baby Planet will soon be available at Little Dudes and Divas! YEAH!

The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family and among the world’s most threatened animals. Threatened both directly, by poachers, and indirectly, though a diminishing habitat due to human population growth, the future of the Giant Panda is still uncertain. As China’s population continues to grow, bamboo forests available to the Pandas dwindle and disappear. As the Panda’s diet is 90% bamboo, many simply starve. In addition, a low reproductive rate further hinders efforts at repopulation. Panda

The Chinese government has made great strides in setting aside reserves for these beautiful animals, and in fact have set aside approximately 2.5 million acres in an effort to protect the estimated 2,000 – 3,000 mature pandas currently in the wild.

ButterflyMonarch Butterflies have been admired for centuries both for their beauty and their amazing and lengthy annual migration. The Monarch is the only butterfly that migrates both north and south, traveling thousands of miles to reach warmer climates. Interestingly, no single individual makes the entire round trip. It takes up to 4 generations to complete a single annual journey.
Unfortunately, Monarch Butterflies are suffering the consequences of the destruction of their roosting grounds by logging operation, and the chemical destruction of the milkweed plant on which the female lays her eggs.

FrogThe Lemur Leaf Frog is found in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist basins, rivers, freshwater marshes, and intermittent freshwater marches.
Lemur Leaf Frogs are threatened by habitat loss and chytridiomycosis, an infectious fungus disease of amphibians. The spread of chytridiomycosis and the subsequent declines of amphibian populations has been dramatically expedited by global warming.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Ultra-Compact fold
  • Comfort-Padded 90% reclining seat
  • 5 point harness with comfort covers
  • Peek-A-Boo canopy window
  • Adjustable leg support
  • Angled Ergo-Grip handles
  • 7" All Terrain wheels
  • Front wheel swivel locks
  • Auto fold lock
  • Oversized storage basket
  • 1 month and up
  • Children up to 50lbs; 60lbs max weight
  • Recycling Program

At Baby Planet we believe that there are no limits to improving your child's environment. From the care you provide, to the products you use, to the planet we share, every aspect can play a key role in the upbringing of your baby.

Our desire is to help you in this journey by providing products that improve the quality time you spend with your child, and information that can help you and your chlild to learn together how to make a positive impact on our planet. We are all in this together, working hard to protect and restore our planet, so all our children have a fresh clean environment to flourish in. Every little bit helps.

We used cutting edge technology along with our enthusiastic innovative spirit to shape a new line of products that are safe, durable, convenient and stylish, with a few new ideas that set us apart from the rest. Every new product we introduce is done so with the intent to provide new advantages and solve age-old problems to improve the caregiving experience.

For the world that surrounds your baby...Baby Planet.

Our Mission
  • To enrich the lives of the people who come in contact with our products;
  • To provide a safer, more comfortable environment for your child;
  • To create a more durable alternative that makes more sense for a caregiver's daily use;
  • To protect and restore the planet in which we live;
  • To raise awareness and provide information to educate others about environmental issues and concerns.
  • To teach people that being eco-friendly does not always have to mean huge lifestyle sacrifices.
  • To celebrate the efforts of all of us on this journey to protect and restore our planet
  • In a nutshell, to improve and enrich the world that surrounds you and your baby.

Stroller fashion can be a tricky proposition. On the one hand you want something that is classic and appeals to a wide audience. On the other, you need something that is unique enough to appeal to a consumer’s sense of style; something that stands out above everything else on the market yet is not too “flashy”.

Baby Planet’s new Coco Lapin line of strollers has raised the delicate nature of such a balance to an art form.

Coco Lapin was conceived and designed by Leslie Newton, the founder and Chief Creative Officer of the upscale and meticulously fashioned timi & leslie® convertible diaper bags. Inspired by nature and vintage prints, Leslie looks to the outside world and then brings her raw ideas to her in-house artist for conceptualization. Developing a new design can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Coco Lapin "Mackenzie"

For the Coco Lapin line, Leslie drew from the abstract forms in nature to create the whimsical Mackenzie print. The Sahara is a Moroccan based print that Leslie loved for its classic simplicity.

Coco Lapin "Sahara"

The new Coco Lapin strollers come standard with a reversible, washable seat pad, PVC-free rain cover, cup holder and the lightweight yet safe, sturdy and durable aluminum frame for which Baby Planet has become known.

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