Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I want one in every color!

We just got the Amy Michelle Poppy Clutch in Black and oh it's prettyyyyyyy.... so so pretty!!!!
And of course it's absolutely PERFECT for outings!

Yes yes, I pulled it out and played with it... I couldn't help myself and I MUST have one in each color now. Flashes of different outing just kept coming up in my mind... parties with the black clutch, dinners with the eggplant, work with the red and every day outings with the green! Hmmmmmmmmm LOVING IT!

Check out this interior! Roomy for a clutch and the changing pad fits with room left for dipes, wipes and much more!
The interior is resistant nylon and wipable!

The front zipper is PERFECT for a cell, keys and wallet!

The changing pad it comes with has a zipper to pull out the foam and wash!

Here is the beauty! Comes with a detachable strap. The top folds down and is secured by hidden magnets so you can space save this way or stuff it and keep the top up!

Here's the back opened with a simple classy stitching pattern.

And here she is from the front! Is it any wonder I'm in love!?!!?!

Amy Michelle Poppy Clutch Bag
Poppy™ Clutch Bag Features

The all-in-one clutch for today's busy lifestyle. Perfect for Baby, Work and Travel. Your purse, diapers and wipes bag, work
and travel clutch combined into one. From working, traveling, running errands, going out, changing diapers, you can have one clutch that does it all while keeping up with your sense of style.
Baby's Section:

* Washable changing pad (20"x14")
* Compartments for diapers and wipes
* Wrist strap attaches to stroller

Mom's Section:
* Zippered pocket
* Cell phone pocket

9.5"L x 13"W



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