Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby Kaed the Testimonials!

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“My daughter is not a baby, she’s 15 years old! But I really needed the Jaipur, like women need more shoes. It was so hard to find a nice leather bag that was good for carrying my laptop that’s still fashionable and functional. The deep inside pockets are great for water bottles and carrying snacks for a movie out! It doesn’t hurt to save some money here and there. I carry it every day and get stopped constantly. I’m not embarrassed to tell them it’s a diaper bag either. I recently used it as an overnighter and the most embarrassing thing happened. I was crossing the street, tripped, fell and my Jaipur flew across the gravel! The worse sound ever. Never mind that I was scuffed up, I was more worried about scratches on my bag! You won’t believe it, but not one scratch on my bag!”

Los Angeles

“My wife is in love with the Baby Kaed bag. It was a success. Thank you very much for the bag. All my gifts are second place after the Baby Kaed.”

General Manager, Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

"Dear Baby Kaed:
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I love my Dali. I bought it a little over a month ago and wanted to wait a little while before I sung its praises.

For about a year or so I was looking for what could possibly be labeled as a “man bag” and did not find one that had the style nor the class that I wanted in a bag. I am a professional who seems to carry way too much stuff for a wallet. So, I needed a bag that was professional, without being a briefcase, functional, but more than a laptop bag, and stylish…simply because I’m cool like that! I saw the Dali and I was sold. Mind you, I’m not an easy sell, but when I saw the Dali it was it! It has the durability that I need, it is functional and is style all rolled in one. I can carry my laptop as well as important contracts I need to function on a daily basis without the bulkiness. It has great organizational compartments and I don’t have to worry about the hassle of pulling my wallet or checkbook from my trouser pocket...It’s in the Bag! I was completely surprised that all the accessories it comes with I could use, although I did not buy it for its original intended use.

I want to thank you for a product that is durable without looking like a tank and is functional while being stylish. My wife and I completely brag on my new “man bag” and I think if we ever decide to have children, it will be a great diaper bag as well. This is a bag that every man should carry and he will still be totally masculine. It is the bag that makes you the “cool dad.” Go Baby Kaed!...It’s in the Bag!"

Your loyal customer,
Willie L. Dodson
The A and D Group

"Hi, I'm Diane Farr,
I recieved a diaper bag from you this week in my bump bag. The bag is big and fabulous and I love the added extras. I went on your site and loved all the names of the leather bags. I wonder if the bags are inspired by a trip to india or if your family hails from there. Either way the products and their titles are great.
Many thanks from a mom of soon to be many kids..."
Diane (CBS Series - NUMB3RS)

"I acquired my first Baby Kaed Diaper Bag about 3 years ago with one kid in tow and another on the way. I have to say I couldn't have designed a better bag that suits my needs. Of course I wanted a bag that would hold up to the everyday hustle of motherhood, but at the time my primary focus was to get something stylish. I was instantly drawn to the design and fabric/ patterns of Baby Kaed Bags and after a closer look realized the bags come with matching accessories. When I received my bag all I did was transfer the diapers and a change of clothes and my bag was complete and ready to go. It's great! Thank you Baby Kaed for a hip bag that has stood up to 3 years and 2 kids. I look forward to your upcoming lines."
Carlsbad, CA

“I recently picked up a Baby Kaed bag at Mabel's in Carlsbad and I wanted to let you know that your bags are gorgeous. I was tickled to see that you are based in Oceanside.” Thank you for a stunning bag. yours, Andrie S.

“I absolutely love the bags! They are so nice. I'll be sure to tell everyone where they can order these bags. They seem so well made and it looks like you thought of everything. I must say the brown corduroy bag is my favorite! Ella Grace was so helpful in ordering these bags as well as yourself. Thanks so much and have a Great Holiday Season! I look forward to buying more of your products in the future!”
Thank You,

"As soon as I opened the bag up this morning my instant reaction was WOW! It is roomy and has 2 insulated zip up bottle compartment pockets either side, baby wipes holder so no more ripped open packets of baby wipes drying out in your bag or making other stuff in there soggy. So many useful internal pockets and trendy denim changing mat. It has a larger denim drawstring messy bag and a useful bits and bobs bag for baby cutelery or creams etc.. and a useful little dummy bag on a key fob so you can get to a dummy quickly when needed which is keep clean and separate. lovely adjustable shoulder or across the body bag or even to hang on the pushchair handle. This just oozes for the trendy yummy mummy with it's chocolate brown leather pocket flap and shoulder strap trim, but is such a useful bag too (and handy wipeable interior). It even comes with it's own funky dustbag for when not in use. I absolutely love it!!"
United Kingdom


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