Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kourtney and Belly Bandit!

Kourtney Kardashian says
Bye Bye Baby Bump, hello Bikini Body
with her Limited Edition Belly Bandit®

“I’m so excited to announce my collaboration with Belly Bandit. I designed a limited edition Belly Bandit that I have been using successfully since giving birth. One of the first things my friends with kids told me when I got pregnant was “buy a Belly Bandit!” so I was thrilled to team up with them and actually get to design one so that it is sexy, stylish and actually helps tighten and shrink your belly after giving birth. It also totally helped support my back and all the changes my body is going through getting back to normal. It helps you lose inches faster and I definitely notice a change in my tummy every time I take it off. It really does accelerate the entire healing process” - Kourtney

Life & Style MagazineUS Weekly MagazineLife & Style Magazine

The story:
Kourtney was first introduced to the Belly Bandit® by friends who swore by the product after giving birth. Kourtney saw the amazing results first hand and in true Kardashian fashion she wanted one that was uniquely her own style. She requested to design one that would make her feel sexy and feminine post birth and that is how the Limited Edition Belly Bandit® by Kourtney Kardashian was born. Kourtney’s Limited Edition bandit sets itself apart from the other Belly Bandit's in that it is a bit edgier and sexier than the other styles. With its beautiful faux lace design printed on the outside, and silky tan inside; this Belly Bandit® looks and feels silky against your skin. Our very first model that can actually be worn over clothing! Kourtney has started a fad being seen around town with her latest accessory!

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