Monday, May 31, 2010

Your baby's royal heinie!

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3 Easy Steps

The mom-invented, why-didn't-we-think-of-that, patent-pending, Built-in Smart Wipes Dispenser™

Step 1

imageOpen the zipper compartment on the inside front panel of the bag to access the heat-sealed, moisture-lock Smart Wipes Dispenser™ wipes pocket. Lift the flap on the inside of the pocket and load the stack of wipes in so they fit tightly inside the pocket.

Step 2

imageFold the flap down on the back side of the wipes and zipper the pocket closed. (note: if the flap is on the wrong side of the wipes they will not be accessible through the dispenser. This will be obvious to even the most sleep deprived parent!)

Step 3

imageWith just one hand you can open the bag, grab a diaper, pull out a wipe (or two or three) through the built-in dispenser and change the baby without ever breaking a sweat.

the wallet

Make any bag a diaper bag! The wallet keeps diapers and wipes organized inside your bag so you’re ready to run when diaper duty calls. Our built-in Smart Wipes Dispenser™ makes this the ultimate diapers and wipes case.
My Royal Heinie Wallet List

the daypack

Our original design, now with new and improved features! Perfect for a day’s outing, it fits up to six diapers, a large stack of wipes, with room for your phone, personal items and even a bottle or sippy cup. All in a bag smaller than a breadbox? Check it out.
My Royal Heinie Daypack List

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