Sunday, June 13, 2010

#17 Razzie50 reviewed her Ju Ju Be Be Rich Cherry Lemonade

Since I’m a bit of a Ju Ju Be obsessive I thought I’d do another review; for one of my favorite products, the BeRich.

I have this in the Cherry Lemonade print which is very cute, and I have owned it in Zany Zinnias which I think is my favorite (for now!)

For me, it works the best of the JJB wallets because I carry a lot of cards. It has 16 card slots and an ID pocket. I have filled all the spaces except 1! I use the ID pocket for a cute picture of my son Smile

There are 2 note slots behind the card areas so you can put your money in one side and coupons/receipts in the other.

The coin purse is on the outside so you don’t have to open the tri fold part to get at the coins. The zip not only goes across the top but goes down the side and the pocket is gusseted so you can open it wide without losing anything. See that satin lemonade lining? Yum!

Inside one of the coupon sections is a little swatch of the print fabric sewn on – I am led to believe this is for a sim card to fit in, or something equally tiny, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

Cons – I wish you could see a bit more of the lining material, as you would expect from a JJB. The inside of the wallet is mainly print like the outside; you can see the lining behind the ID pocket and inside the coin purse
The Cherry Lemonade print is very easy to get dirty. I’ve only been using it a few weeks but it is quite grubby round the edges so I need to get on and wash it (yes, it is still machine washable, though will take a while to dry!)

Little Dudes and Divas
Little Dudes and Divas
Little Dudes and Divas
Little Dudes and Divas

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