Friday, June 4, 2010

crazyflwr has entry #9 WOOHOO! Great Ah Goo Baby review!

I have had the Ah Goo Baby changing pad for four months and I love it. It is perfect for changing your baby anywhere in the house. The sides fold out and the baby lays on a nice inch and a half thick foam. When you need to close it up the sides fold in and snap together at three places and then you roll it up and it has elastic for you place around it to keep it nice and tight.

When my baby is laying on it I know that she is nice and comfortable because of the foam. The size of the changing pad is great. The length is twenty and half inches long and ten and half inches wide.

I have washed it a few times and it has washed up very nicely. The foam zips out and you place it in the washing machine with everything else. The foam fits nicely back in it with no shrinkage.

The only down side to the changing pad that I have found is that it is to big to place in the diaper bag. Once it is rolled up with the foam it is a little bulky. Al rolled up it is 5 inches wide. Other then that I love it. The pattern is very vibrant. You can you use it for other things such as tummy time.

My family when they are changing my daughter are always asking to use it. The price is $29.99 which is a little expensive for a changing pad, but with all the luxuries it has it is well worth the cost.

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