Monday, June 7, 2010

Diapers + Style = Diapees and Wipees


diapees & wipees is a unique bag designed for fashionable Moms -- Moms that won’t trade fashion for function, they want them both and that is what they shall have!

What makes diapees & wipees so unique, and unlike traditional diaper bags, is that it’s designed specifically to hold a travel pack of wipes and two to four diapers.


diapees & wipees was created by a Mom who was tired of having to use wadded, scrunched up diapers – you know the ones you have to dig out of your diaper bag! Also, there were many times she just needed the necessities, and didn’t want or need to carry around a large diaper bag. She started putting her baby’s diapers in a disposable plastic freezer bag to protect and organize them. It did work, but she wasn’t feeling very stylish pulling that out of her big diaper bag! She created diapees & wipees knowing that other Moms would also love a stylish way to organize and accessorize! 

Use diapees & wipees with your diaper bag and oversized handbag – and when you want to lighten your load, just grab the diapees & wipees bag and go!


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