Saturday, June 12, 2010

Entry #15 Razzie50 with her review on the Ju Ju Be Be Light!

I wanted to review my Ju Ju Be BeLight in Midnight Eclipse; I received this last week after I decided to trade my BeLight in Sangria Sunset – I felt it was clashing with most of the clothes I wear!
Midnight Eclipse is one of my favorite prints because I just love the red lining. It’s one of the darker linings that JJB do but still eliminates the “black hole” effect that you get in most bags.

The BeLight is designed to be a change bag for light packers and comes with a change pad. It doesn’t have the memory foam of the other JJB bags and the fabric of the bag is a lot lighter and a bit thinner. I keep the change pad in my MiniBe.
I don’t actually use the bag as a change bag, I use it as my own personal bag.

It really nicely fits my BeRich, BusinessBe, medium BeSet, then my phone and other odds and ends in the main compartment.

There’s a couple of pockets on the outside that would be designed for disposable nappies/wipe cases but I stick a couple of small BeSet pieces in there. I keep my keys in the zipper pocket inside.

The change pad pocket is great if I need to take any papers with me – it easily fits an unfolded sheet of A4 in there.
You could quite easily stuff the bag with toys/food/nappies etc etc, it will hold a lot.

The straps can be tied in a few different ways but I have just invested in some of JJB’s sliders, which I’ll add to the straps to make them adjustable (more on that in another review I think, it involves possible sewing!!). I got these because I wasn't quite happy with having the straps tied, it tended to dig in to my shoulder a bit if I put a lot in the bag.

The whole bag is reversible in case you fancy a change but I prefer the red on the inside

Pro’s – it’s cheap enough to invest in a few prints to mix and match, it holds a ton and doesn’t have to be just a change bag, and it’s light! As per usual JJB standards, it’s Teflon coated and machine washable
Cons – It doesn’t bother me at all, but I know some people don’t like the fact that the bag can’t be closed at all. I know some people have customized the bag with a zip or magnet closure and then they say it’s their perfect bag!

Little Dudes and Divas
Little Dudes and Divas
Little Dudes and Divas
Little Dudes and Divas

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