Sunday, June 13, 2010

Go Gaga, so much more than bags!



Our Story

About Us

Like many companies, Go GaGa started as a sketch on the back of a cocktail napkin. One Saturday at brunch, many of my friends were talking about how life had changed since having children – they’d lost their sense of style, self, humor and ability to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time or conjugate verbs with ease.
Plus, most of them were feeling far older than their age thanks to injuries they'd experienced while caring for their little ones. Dislocated shoulders, torn ACLs, carpal tunnel syndrome – all from using products that were designed for the safety of the child, but not the parents. As the lunch conversation turned to a contest of “blowout” diaper stories, I turned to my mimosa and began sketching out products that were both ergonomically safe and fashionable.

Three years later in May 2007, I completed my MBA at Babson College and launched Go GaGa thanks to phenomenal designers, retailers and family who all came together with endless enthusiasm, terrific insights, candid opinions and copious amounts of caffeine.
We introduced our first line of diaper bags at the ABC Kids Expo in September 2007 and since then we’ve expanded our collection to include additional styles as well as recycled fabrics. Our totes are sold in the US, Canada and Australia by more than 80 independently owned boutiques and online retailers.
Our line has attracted a Hollywood following including Tori Spelling, Angela Bassett, Chris Noth and Evan Handler, which has paved the way for terrific PR opportunities and placements, including features in Fit Pregnancy, Pregnancy & Newborn, and baby couture as well as trade publications Kids Today and Baby & Kids.



Our Design Philosophy

You're out the door in the morning toting everything that you need for a long day. You're juggling meetings, workouts, meals and family, all while carrying your life in a bag that's cutting into your shoulder. You go the distance - and your bag should, too.
At Go GaGa, our bags are designed for real life - they're stylish, ergonomic, eco-friendly and best of all, comfortable to carry. Our patent pending ergonomic strap not only spreads the weight of the bag across your back and shoulders, but also has a sleek style that suit both men and women. Our products include the Slide tote bag, the Gondola bag, the Messenger bag and the Urban Sherpa Strap, and are versatile enough to use as a diaper bag, laptop bag, yoga bag or travel carry-on. Each of our totes is available in a rich assortment of colors and environmentally friendly materials.

Our Philanthropy

About Us
Go GaGa supports families in the US and abroad through their work with Children, Incorporated and The Mountain Fund.
Click here to read more about Our Philanthropy.

Little Dudes and Divas

Little Dudes and Divas

Little Dudes and Divas

Little Dudes and Divas

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