Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ju Ju Be's SECOND reveal!

Shall we dance?

Dusk settles silent and smooth like velvet over the veranda.
A soft staccato of strings lofts through an open window.
White wax turns to liquid amber in the bright base of the old jam jars as the flickering flame of the cafe’s candles float on the stream of a summer breeze.
The whispering couple in the corner quitely excuse themselves and wanders beyond the wrought iron gate into the sultry shadows.
Artfully alone, they begin the first fleeting steps of a long awaited dance.
A print isn’t always “just a print.” Sometimes it says so much more.
Introducing the lovely new print from your friends at Ju-Ju-Be — Shadow Waltz.
BFF, PackaBe and BePrepared -- one big beautiful family!
BFF, PackaBe and BePrepared -- one big beautiful family!
annmarie smiling-lr
This summer’s reveals not only feature TWO NEW PRINTS, but TWO NEW LININGS, TOO!
The MightyBe
The MightyBe
How gorgeous is the new Hot Pink lining paired with the decadent Shadow Waltz? The pop of pink adds a pop of a fun to this romantic print.
pregnant sideview-lr
Kristin, Queen Ju-Ju-Be, takes Shadow Waltz for a spin!
kristin on bike-lr
“But I have a BOOOOYYYYY,” you say? Well, the bag is for YOU, momma!  If you like pink, anyway. If you don’t, just wait til next week’s new print and lining!
So much great stuff for so many great Ju-Ju-Be fans!
Shadow Waltz will be available on the BePrepared, BFF, MightyBe, PackaBe, BeAll, BeTween, BeLight and BeQuick!
All of the items from our summer reveals will be available for pre-order June 21st, slated to started shipping the first week of July!

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