Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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The Ju Ju Be BeHave Review

I have had my JuJube love affair for a little over 3 years now.
In my current collection I have a BeAll, Be Mine, Packabee, Be quick, Be Small and the most recent addition of a Black Behave. Despite my “baby” being 3 and 1/2 potty trained I did own a BRB though found a Packabee better for us so traded. I still plan on buying more Jujube’s. I would love to add a Brown Behave ,another Be small and more bequicks or a be set to the mix.

I’ve had my Behave for about 2 weeks now. My wonderful hubby bought it for me for our 5th anniversary Smile
I use it as my everyday purse. Its the first “large” purse I’ve owned.
I do have to say I’m in LOVE with it! I get so many compliments.
Its packed as my normal purse, plus for my 3 year old daughter.
I carry my wallet, first aid kit, tampon case,camera, tissues, hand sanitizer, coin purse, sippy cup, be quick ( packed with extra leggings, panties, wipes) keys, lip gloss (2), and a granola bar.
Sometimes I get to be Hubby’s pack mule also and tote around his wallet and cell in it also.
I love that everything is easy to see and get to with the massive number of pockets.
I actually have empty pockets!
So far my Behave has gone everywhere with me Smile
Its perfect for any outing, yet looks fancy for nice events also.
I love the strap options. So far I’ve just been using the short straps though the long strap with be great for hand’s free outings or long days at the zoo.
I really like the Earth leather. It looks and feels like real leather to me. I love that its a kind to animals purse.
Hum If I had to pick just one favorite feature it would be the awesome interior.
Every time I unzip my purse its like a little burst of sunshine. Ok that sounds lame..
Its really a nice cheerful pick me up. The colors and print make me happy.
My least favorite feature is just the placement of the key fob.
I heart the key fob and its so handy though I just wish it was on the opposite side of the I wouldn’t have to fully unzip the purse to attach it. Honestly that would be the only thing I would change.
I haven’t attempted to put it on my stroller. My Stroller ( jogger) doesn’t get much love from my 3 year old these days. I’m sure the Behave would attach to my JuJube stroller clips or I could adjust the long strap to go over the handle bar. I have had no issues hooking any of my other JuJube’s to a stroller. ( well you might have a issue with weight on a umbrella stroller though you can’t really put much on those things anyways)
No one else has used it though I have had people drool over it and say how they would love one.
Luckily I haven’t had to clean it yet though when I do..I’ll look at the instructions on and I’m so glad its machine washable!
I saw the purse on one of JuJube’s Tuesday reveals and feel hard in love with it.
Since my “baby” is 3 now I felt it would be such a perfect purse for me, so I had sure to *hint* and show my Hubby Smile
I’ve attached some photos:

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