Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Perfect for summer crawlers!

lil melon baby knee pads

Lil' Melon baby knee pads are made with soft, stretchable cotton fabric that moves with your baby. It’s lightweight so it allows air ventilation, keeping their knees cool and preventing discomfort.
Most importantly, they keep your baby's sensitive knees from bruising and scraping as they crawl and toddle around indoors and outdoors.
The thick light weight padding maintains optimum cushioning while your baby explores their new world when learning to crawl. When they start toddling around, the cushioning prevents cuts and scrapes that can occur from falling and tripping.

Knee pads are available with or without silicone traction.
Custom logo or design available for wholesalers!
Measurements: 5" tall by 2 5/8" wide. They're stretchy enough to fit bigger legs, but still small enough to fit snugly on more petite legs. Can fit toddlers up to 14months old depending on size and weight. 

Washing Instructions: Very easy. You can spot wash them or throw them in the washing machine with your laundry, hang dry and you're done!
Learning their way around a big, new world can be a scary thing. Help keep your baby safe and comfortable while they explore with Lil' Melon baby knee pads!
baby wearing lil melon knee pads

Little Dudes and Divas
Little Dudes and Divas
Little Dudes and Divas
Little Dudes and Divas

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