Friday, June 11, 2010

Razzie50 you got entry #14! GREAT REVIEW!

I’m a backpack fan and I use the Ju Ju Be BeRightBack as our main change bag but it can be a bit large if you just want to pop out to the shops. I tried a BeTween but messengers just don’t work for me. On the advice of the ladies in the Pink Room forum I decided to try the MiniBe and it’s awesome! It’s as comfortable to wear as the BRB because it has the padded back and straps but lighter and smaller. It does come with 2 sets of straps but I only need to use the short ones because I’m not so tall (5ft 5in).

I got the beautiful Lotus Lullaby print which on the MiniBe has the limited edition red satin lining – totally to die for! I normally don’t like the Lotus print with the silver lining but the red really makes it pop. Notice the awesome matching print placement on the straps too?! (additional long straps are on the floor next to the bag)

It doesn’t come with a change pad as it’s designed for your little ones to wear so they can be like mummy.

I took a BeLight change pad and it folds up nicely inside the mesh pocket of the Mini. With this is hand sanitiser, lotions and nappy bags. I then pack behind the mesh pocket one cloth nappy, one disposable and a pack of wipes

Then in the main part I pack a sippy cup and sometimes snacks and toys.

It’s amazing how much you can cram inside this tiny bag! I could get way more in if I wanted. This shows all of the above plus a medium Be Set, 2 x small Be Sets, a Business Be and a fold up shopping bag and there was still room to spare

It has gusseted sides too so stuff doesn’t fall out when you open it all the way

I thought I would miss the “mommy pocket” that most of the JJB’s have but I don’t –

I put my BeRich wallet in the front flap pocket (note the brag pocket too for a photo)

and my iPhone in the insulated top pocket (yes, it’s insulated for snacks!). I then attach my keys to the stretchy key fob and shove them in one of the bottle pockets and I’m good to go! Our sippy cup (basic Tommee Tippee with handles) doesn’t fit in the slim bottle pockets whereas I can squeeze it in to the BeRightBack bottle pockets.

The only cons I can think of would be the lack of change pad (solved using a separate pad) and that the smart magnets can be a bit strong and I occasionally get stuck to metal things!

Such a great little bag, I think I might buy another in a different print to mix it up a bit!

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