Sunday, June 6, 2010

They might not be able to talk the talk, but with Bibi and Mimi they can walk the walk!

Bibi & Mimi shoes are created with love and handcrafted from the softest natural leather of the highest quality. Soft-soled shoes are recommended by pediatricians around the world for the healthy development of babies' feet. Bibi & Mimi shoes create freedom of movement and help feet to flex while offering a protective and comfortable layer.

Our brand is your guarantee of superb design and quality

Super Soft & Comfortable:
The supple soft leather is breathable and very comfortable. Bibi & Mimi shoes cushion and protect and keep babies' feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Skid-resistant :
The soft, cushioned suede sole provides skid resistance, flexibility, traction and balance. Ideal for babies learning to crawl, stand and walk.

Safe & Stable:

The expandable ankle feature insures they are easy to slip on and will stay on with the elasticized ankle:They won't fall off! Protects babies feet from scratches and infections.

All-Purpose & Super Chic:
Great for indoor or light outdoor use. Many adorable designs with exciting colors. Some designs come with embroidery upper designs.

Machine Washable:
Machine wash periodically. Wash separately in cold water, as dark colors tend to bleed. We suggest you dry your shoes on a low setting. You can also hand wash with mild detergent. For spot cleaning, use mild detergent and a damp cloth.

Adorable, keepsake pvc bag with handle.
Hand-crafted super soft leather shoes with suede soles

Handcrafted super-soft leather shoes
Soft, flexible and skid resistant, cushioned suede sole
Elastic ankle provides comfort, support and security
Washable by hand or machine
Packaged in the signature Bibi & Mimi keepsake bag with handles
Sizes available newborn to 2 years old
Some designs come with embroidery upper designs
Love included…

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