Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ju Ju Be's Blog Post on the Be Light!

The BeLight is a versatile bag that’s perfect as a light-as-air diaper bag, including a thin-yet-durable changing pad, or as a tote for Mom’s solo outings. Fun yet chic, the BeLight is two bags in one — each BeLight is reversible!
BeLight in our new Shadow Waltz
While the BeLight is perfectly fine with a simple knotting of its straps — so you can adjust the length based on your wants and desires — you also have the option to purchase the infamous blinged-out Ju-Ju-Be metal sliders to connect your straps without knots.
Grab a couple of those and follow the tutorial below, provided by the lovely Yvonne, aka Pink Lady Kodes. (Special shout-out to her husband, who patiently snapped the pics while Yvonne posed with each step.)
Thread one strap pattern side up into the bottom of the slider. (This will be the strap that is underneath.)
Loop the end back into the slider.
Take the other strap and thread it through the bottom of the slider, pattern side facing out.
Then thread the end back into the slider.
Ta-da! Slider #1 is complete! See how the whole rectangle of the slider is visible? That will not be true of Slider #2.
Get ready to attach Slider #2 – starting with the “bottom” strap, i.e., the strap that is underneath (aka the strap you started with in Step #1.)
Still getting ready…. :)
OK, feed the strap it through the gap in the middle of the slider. Note the direction of the rhinestones.
Slider #2 is now threaded on the “bottom” strap.
Now take the end of the “top” strap and feed it through the top of the slider (on the rhinestone side).
Here’s the tricky part — do not simply thread the strap back through the slider! Instead, make sure the end goes past the bottom of the slider…
… then take the end and feed it backward through the bottom of the slider. Essentially, the strap will “wrap” around the bottom of the slider.
Now take the end and feed it back, between the two straps.
Pull the end tight! See how it’s between the two straps?
And you’re done! Slider #2 is on the left and you can see that the rectangle is not completely visible because of how the strap wrapped around the slider.

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