Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Snack Happened Saved my Camera

So, some of you know I was on vacation last month. Spent 6 days in Florida and went on a 7 night cruise to the Caribbean. Was amazing!
I took a bunch of items with me on the trip including my Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened Social Circle Blue wet bag and let me tell you, it was one of the best items I took with me!
I used it to hold my ID's at times, or my camera with the charger and battery and just kept using it for different things along the way. It's roomy enough to fit the necessities in your bag, has the smooth zipper for easy access and is super light and flexible so it can be stored so easily!

So Mike and I get off in the Bahamas and since we found so many other things to do on the other islands we figured we'd go jet skiing this time. We both love it although the waters in the Bahamas were choppier than we're used to.
After much negotiating on price, we were content and started getting ready. I asked the gentleman if my bag would get wet and although he assured me my bag would be safe and dry in the seat compartment of the jet ski, I was not taking any chances on my Camera, ID's and MP3 player. If anything else got wet, I figured EH no biggie.

So Mike hopped on and as my big butt settled on the seat, between the choppy waters and the delay in starting the engine a nice big wave decided to swoop on down flipping us both over at shore. Ahhhh we were fine but I guarantee you would have gotten a laugh if you had been there :)

In all the excitement I didn't think to check the Be Light in the seat compartment holding all our items...

About 40 minutes later and after zooming on the huge waves, we got back to shore wiped out. Next thing I know, the gentleman is handing me my dripping wet Be Light... I don't think I considered myself as much of a bag fanatic till then when I got frantic about my bag being soaked (even though they ARE washable :) ).
Then I realized OH NO!!!! My CAMERA!

You know how you buy an item for it's specific uses but doubt it's reliability when it's put to the test? I mean, come on..... it was put to the test with my camera.... The ID's cost less to replace lol

There I was, wringing my Be Light from sea water, dumping all the contents into the garbage and grabbing at my Snack Happened bag. IT WAS SOAKED!
I was super devastated but I had to face the inevitable whether I liked it or not. So, I slowly unzipped the top squinting in denial of what I was about to see and BEHOLD!!!
My CAMERA, my ID's AND MP3 Player were ALL DRY!!!!
I couldn't believe my eyes! And when I say dry, I don't mean they got a little wet or they got some drops on them.... I don't even mean a splash of mist got onto them.... I mean DRY!

Now my Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened bag has become my camera's favorite companion.

So, disaster averted and I was one happy camper! It's amazing how many uses you can find for your baby and kids items. Not only is that Snack Happened excellent for snacks but it's a great organizer and a MUST HAVE on vacation!

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  1. that is cool, I just orderd one of these! Will use it when we are in FL!


  2. I have the larger "wet happened" and love it. I had not idea about the snack happens. Those look great!

  3. Wow, good to know!! I always keep my girls' snack happened bags in my bag just in case they want a snack when we're out...maybe Mommy needs one of her own! :)

  4. Great idea, I am going to have to check it out.

  5. I love my snack happened too. I have four and one wet happened. I never thought to use them for electronics. That is awesome.