Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Just Added JP Lizzy!

The JP Lizzy Collection!
Who said a diaper bag needs to be blah?!?! Well, life sure isn't blah, and BABY life is FAR from blah! So a diaper bag shouldn't be blah either! JP Lizzy has just the thing for the life of the UN-blah mom!

The JP Lizzy Diaper Bag and Accessory collection consists of different functional bags to make every day baby life that much easier without sacrificing style. JP Lizzy Diaper Bags, designed by a fashion forward mom after the birth of her twins are chic and stylish and won't wear out your sense of fashion. In today's world, every mom needs a pick me up and the right diaper bag is a sure fire way to do it.

Who wants to carry a boring bag around? Or one that screams "baby"? Or how about those non functional diaper bags with barely any pockets!? Hello! I've got dipes, wipes and my baby's closet to fit into a bag! And of course you've seen the fabric bags you'd have to take a steam cleaner to if any spills just happened to occur... hmmm... isn't that what you'd expect when having a baby?! Of course! There are spills and dirt all around!
Enter JP Lizzy with the solution to all those diaper bag mishaps including the major anti fashion crisis!

Any one of the JP Lizzy bags will make you smile and strut your stuff! Less diaper bag hassle would make ANY mommy happy!
The JP Lizzy Collection is phenomenal including
Wipeable Materials and Fabrics
Comfortable Handles or Straps
NO VELCRO (If baby is asleep you can be sure a JP Lizzy won't be waking him/her up)
Several pockets INCLUDING bottle pockets to keep them from tipping over.
Zipper and magnetic closures
Changing pad and some even include more accessories!
Exterior pockets for added comfort and organization

You can't go wrong with a JP Lizzy Diaper Bag and their matching accessories!
CLICK HERE to see the entire collection!

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