Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BabyLegs on SALE!

As a personal fan of leg and arm warmers I felt the need to share the sale!

BabyLegs make a great gift and are absolutely wonderful! They're great for protecting sensitive knees when learning to crawl. They are so useful when diaper changing giving full access to onesie snaps. They're great to accessorize your child's outfits....
But what else!?!?

Well, as an adult I own quite a few pairs. Living in NY, accessorizing is a big deal and what better way to accessorize AND keep warm in the winter than with arm warmers. Waiting for the bus in the winter can be a chilling experience but with my BabyLegs, I'm all set! And when the weather starts getting a little warmer and I'm not sure what to wear or not to wear, it's great to be able to add a pair of BabyLegs to my short sleeve outfit with the ability to easily pull them off if I get warm or put them on if it's chillier than I thought it would be!

Watch the video below. I'm wearing the Tulip print with my outfit! I LOVE THEM!

Wanna get creative!??! Use a BabyLeg on a water bottle or mug to fashion it up a bit. Scrunch them on a messenger strap for a spiced up look and a refreshing change to your diaper bag. Use them for a stocking stuffer treat or tie up one end and use it as the stocking itself.
Scrunch it on top of a pony tail, put your boring winter scarf through for added padding and accessorizing, keep rolled documents, paintings and report safe by throwing a BabyLeg on it, organize your baby bag by rolling baby's blanket and securing it with a BabyLeg.....

Yup, Babyegs are awesome and now on sale! Styles are super limited so get them while you can!

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