Friday, January 7, 2011

Heather's Ju Ju Be Be Set and Be Light Lotus Lullaby!

Heather received her order and here are her packing pics!
She also wins an LDD $5 coupon code just for posting her pics on our forum! WOOHOO!
Thank you Heather for the review and great pics!

I just got my Lotus light and matching set for Christmas from LD&D. The funny thing is that I never requested print placement, but Maya picked out the most perfect sets I have ever seen!

I use the non-slip knots and love it this way. The knots don't slip that I can tell, and I have it packed! I love that I can tie them in so many ways.

Okay, now for the packing. I have two diapers, wipes, and a light changing pad in the large set.

I have my personal items and first aid kit in the medium set. I also have my nano in the small set.

In the back pocket, I have a coloring kit and mini etch-a-sketch for the kiddos.

In the zippered compartment, I have my snack happened.

In the main compartment, I have the large and medium sets on their ends. I have my thrifty at the bottom and boogie wipes on top.

In the front pockets, I have my keys and sunglasses on one side, and my small set and cell phone on the other.

Here she is all packed up! I packed it so that it wouldn't be too bulky to wear.

Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas Little Dudes and Divas

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