Sunday, April 24, 2011

Did someone say MOM?

Check out the website later this week for some great savings for Mother's Day!
Show the moms in your lives just how special they are by getting them those bags you know they won't splurge on for themselves! Choose from the different designer diaper bags we carry or you can create a wonderful gift basket with a bunch of accessories you know she will love!

Wanna take it a step further!? Have the kids write a bunch of love letters for mom and stuff them in the different compartments of the bag! She'll either find them when she packs it up for the first time or while she's pulling things out throughout the course of the day! Either way the bag is a GREAT surprise and the added sentiment of some cute mommy love letters is sure to make her melt!

Are you getting her some jewelery? Well how about using a Ju Ju Be Paci Pod as the gift box? You can fill it up with that beautiful piece you picked out and add some filler so she has to hunt for it. Wanna take it a step further? Put the Paci Pod into a Ju Ju Be Be Quick then put the Be Quick into a Fuel Cell then the Fuel Cell into a Be Light then the Be Light into a MightyBe and you've set her up for any quick trip possible! What an amazing gift! AND she gets a bunch of surprises to lead her to that gorgeous jewelery!

Wanna be cheesy romantic? Check out the Zoobies characters and see if there's a character that matches one of the pet names you call her. Shove a heart shaped greeting card in there that says "To the greatest MOM in the world, you will always have my heart and be the greatest mother of the greatest children I could have ever asked for" How's that for a melt worthy line?

How about having a GREAT fun time with the kids that morning!? Get each child a Sugar Booger Apron BUT don't forget to get one for yourself too! Imagine her face when you walk into the bedroom with "breakfast in bed" sporting a kiddie apron to match your kids!? She'll get a huge laugh, a full tummy and a happy heart!

Are the kids still too young to participate? Well then it's all up to you! How about taking a 5 tier InnoBaby Packin Smart and making a fun and romantic scavenger hunt!? Just take the 5 tiers apart and put a letter into each of them leading her to the next piece that you'll of course hide around the house! Each note can have one line from a poem too that way by the time she finds the last piece she has a full greeting card poem to turn her to mush! Take it to the next level by having the last letter clue her into where her brand new diaper bag awaits!

Now how about the moms themselves? I know some of you have an agreement with hubby that you'll buy your own gift to save him the trouble :) Well you've got coupon codes and "specials" galore!
Check out the coupon codes! If you don't see them yet, they'll be up soon and will be available through Mother's Day!
ENJOY and happy shopping!

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