Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yummy Vacation Sales!

Looking for a quick getaway at a great price!?!?

So my friends and I have been searching for some great deals and although it won't work out for us to utilize any of the featured ones on this site, I just had to share! They have some wonderful deals on some great vacation packages.... I mean, less than $100 a night in a resort in Mexico or Jamaica? (BEAUTIFUL resorts by the way ;)

And how about their "closer" options such as California, Virginia and NY? Check out the Flash Sales section.... I all but drooled on the computer looking at those GORGEOUS pictures. And of course you can take all your favorite bags an accessories to pack all your needs! Don't forget those Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened Snack bags, Amy Butler laptop cases and versatile bags such as the Ju Ju Be Be Light.

Hmmmm... anyone know a genie in a bottle that can blink me there? Say..... now??? :)

So... what's so awesome about this site? Well, I'll be honest... I haven't tried it yet and just explored but was so impressed with the look of the site, the navigation and details that I had to share. AND what impressed me most is their dedication to the reputation they've built. Apparently, in order to partner with JetSetter.com your resort or vacation spot needs to undergo verification by the JetSetter experts!
So these experts test everything they can from the bed sheets to the beaches to the cocktails to insure YOU will have an AMAZING time!

Check out their ABOUT US section. I'm not one to read up on things like that but the details of what they're all about will certainly pull you in.

Don't forget to pack those fashionable bags with some great accessories and head out for a wonderful adventure at exclusive prices!

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